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Deep Diver - by Randis

a more recent painting...

You see a diver who discovered a mysterious egg, deep under the sea... Half shocked and half obsessed with his discovery,
he mo longer cares what is happening.
is it fear or madness in his eyes? or both?
CLICK the image to see it in BIG


dont forget to write a comment there for me.
thanks so much!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! <3 <3 <3

- - -
some info on the WIP

i made a helmet base in 3DS max, then painted on top in Photoshop, the texture work, lighting and details is painted in PS, Face is painted too.
Work time was about 4 days, dont remember how many H.
3D base saved time tho.

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© 2009 - 2021 randis
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Breathtakingly Magnificent! :-)
 Hey, maybe I should have asked. But I tattooed a modified version of your picture on my arm. That's how much I liked it. 

Tatuering Dykare by Aandrisk
Removed egg and replaced with a cthulu statyette. Otherwise it's pretty much intact!

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I love the details, great artwork.
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Few images manage to invoke the 'unknown' as well as this!
Feath3rFace's avatar
this is totally awesome man
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Fantastic work! Clap 
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Beautiful art!
Congratulations on another excelent artwork for your gallery!

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Love this one.. Faved!
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your art have the best quality:D (Big Grin) 
His expression is actually perfect. This is a beautiful painting, very well done :)
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Dear Lord man! you have talent!
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It's delightful!
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beautiful atmosphere! i love the mixed media you used, and it all seems just painted! well done :D
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its hard to imagine this is actually a painting
This is gorgeous.
theogroen's avatar more words...
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that's just great art at the maximum level.

ps. how far down are we ?
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You definitely captured the emotion of shock and obsession quite well. This is amazing.
Wow, this deep sea diver is amazing. It looks like Alien meets Jules Verne. Nicely done.
Hey randis, awesome work as always:)
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