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:: Alice in Wonderland - Chapt

Done in OC1 and Photoshop for a Alice in Wonderland contest.
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Great looking Alice and Rabbit!
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this is so rad
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Beautiful! also love the art style and the kinda fisheye-lens-like look of it
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Cool, I guess I'd be blushing if I was Alice, since I'm normally commando (no panties or thong)... So I'd be showing a little more as I slid down the rabbit hole...
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Lovely and weird in just the right ways :)
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Contorted geometry & a seriously warped vision! edible mushroom 
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Years after favouriting this picture, i finally realise it's actually child pornography. 
in other words,  i strongly dislike the sexualization of a child that happens in this pic.
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To me the way it's portrayed it seems more like she's already adult. But you're correct, the original story uses a child so this leaves room for conversation...
If the artist's intendings were to draw a child in a pornographic manner, then this is very wrong
Ebvardh's avatar
... Fuck, I think you just ruined it for me too. I actually liked the composition and the sexualization too to some extent, but you're right. Alice is not older than ten in the Wonderland story.
Though to be fair, this character looks older than twelve though still a minor.
Nat-Evans's avatar
Yup! If you look at her face and her torso, she does actually look bellow 10 yo (to me at least) x.x seriously straight up child porn
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Whoa I liked this now I’m kinda grossed out by it
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I saw this on an advertisement for Bound DC Lost in Wonderland themed party a long time ago. I like it.
TheEvilPeanut's avatar a strangely interesting way
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Love your Alice!
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Amazing, love the perspective.
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I've been searching for a long time to find this masterpiece again. I like it so f... much!!!! It's one of my favorites artworks of all time.
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Extremely cute. I love this. :)
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By chance are you gong to continue this? I notice that you worte "Chapt" As in chapter...Maybe I'm just thinking to hard.
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