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Darkovian Deception

For Adventure Quest contest
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This looks really cool :D
Kinda dark and Erie like something you'd find with a witch :D
I think it would have made a great staff if it were longer :D
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Thanks! I did it for Adventure Quest contest and got the first place, woohoo! The staff is now in the game.
It is dark, because it is related to vampires, werewolves, and werepyre hybrids. Its in-game element is now ice and darkness.
Initially it was longer, but it looked a bit off to me, so I ended up making it shorter.
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Yay, First Place!! :dummy:
Must be awesome to have your design in a game :D
Congrats on that :D
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I appreciate the congratulations! It was very exciting to see my design in one of the in-game shops. The final version was further modified by their artist for even better look. They kept the name, but changed some of the effects.
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Sounds kinda bitter sweet :XD:
On the brightside you got your design in a game :D
on the downside they modified it :XD:
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As bitter sweet as grapefruit sprinkled with sugar :D (Big Grin).  I didn't really mind them changing the effects - it was art contest after all. And I like the final, modified version - it looks more balanced and detailed. You can see it here:…
black-neko21's avatar
Well that's good that you don't mind the changes :D
That makes you a very mature Artist :D

Yeah, it does look more detailed :D
and shiny :XD:
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