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Dulce Veneno :iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
Wishes of Eternity
The divines blessed me with the gift of your love
And lit the light in the dark
Celestial being, white dove
On this quest of romance we embark
Hope that once withered
Again flourished
And happiness again triggered
As my heart, princess, you nourished
In days of tempest I was at ease
As being with you brought the calm
A world with you is without worries
And with scent of the sweetest balm
The single thought of you and I
Would put a smile in both faces
It could be seen even in eye
Our love was one of crazes
Everything else seemed so distant
As we walked together down the path
We lived enchanted for the instant
As everything we needed, we hath
Time was endless
And so desire
All seemed flawless
Never to expire
Would a goddess grant me a wish
I would over-zealously claim
As the fears in my heart perish
For her to light our eternal flame
Here I lie, deeply beloved
Once again thinking of you
Hoping I shall forever be loved
In the manner I to you do
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
Czech Treasure
White girl with autumn hair
Whose emerald eyes bear
Beauty and give divinity to view
Such radiance should be a taboo
For I can only but stare
At this celestial so rare
Is this paradise?
Or has it become my vice
To look at your heavenly charms?
I can only wish for you to be in my arms
We would then never be apart
And I could love you with all my heart
With your lips red as roses
And with all your erotic poses
Topped with a smile so serene
You should be crowned a queen
As nobody would dare cross-check
That you are the most precious Czech
Hear me oh blessed lady
When it comes to beauty
There is no item, or pearl, or stone
That could compare to your own
Oh treasure of a foreign land
You are of value, grand
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
Confessions of a Romantic
Did you fall from heaven or surge from hell?
O lady of beauty infernal and divine
From the moment I met you I could foretell
You were one of complex design
With eyes of season and crystalline
Reflecting secrets that are of night
Of soul tainted, yet so pristine
You try to hide as a nephrite
Persona of wisdom and mystery
Would you play for me all your thought?
Or would you rather leave obscurity
Rendering my feelings naught?
Here I lie in sweet pandemonium
Thinking: Are you the one for me?
Will you walk to an epithalamium
And say that I am for thee?
Walk with me to a kingdom of light
And witness the prettiest flower in bloom
I promise you the love I present tonight
Will remain forever, even in tomb
Lady of heaven, lady of hell
Would you ever to me open the door?
Do not think these are tricks I sell
For it is you whom I adore
I will love you anyway
Be you siren or seraphim
You will always lighten my day
And make life less grim
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 3 0
Enchanting woman of queenly height
With a body so perfect and tempting
You walk in grace and perform tonight
The role of a coquette who is flirting
There is no other with such fine waist
Or perfection with which your body flows
I can but only wish for a taste
Of your magnificent tea of rose
You show to me your magnificent breast
And seduce me into your amorous game
This night is not to jest
But to arouse the burning flame
In the darkness you open wide
And expect an unorthodox thrust
You tell: forever side by side
And live a life of lust
Pleasure in flesh is what you desire
O woman to you I cannot say no
You have possessed my will, sapphire
O my heart prefers thee so
Our excitation, not a bit mild
Will it be ever put to rest?
Stimulations driving the orgy's fire wild
Making our play the best
We are bound to be committed to this sin
Forever chained to this tale of woes
You always ask once I'm within
To give you a better dose
But truth be told I fear thy coquetry
For even though the passi
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 1 0
To a Prostitute
Portrayer and maker of lust
Thou with a blind heart
Fanatic of the bizarre thrust
Master of the sexual art
Possessing men fast
The bed being your domain
Hoping he is not the last
You live forever in pleasurable pain
Today I tell thee
I will never pay the toll
Yet you tell me carefree
Everyone surrenders at the pole
Of fire and poison I am of no need
Not saying I am not in the mood
But saying I am not frenzied
By thine accursed servitude
Fool who knows no shame
May you someday see the light
May you reach your desired fame
But not by sexual delight
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 1 0
My Goddess
O sorceress with siren's eyes
I adore how you extend
Your beauty that is to commend
More than that of angel skies
Words fall but short as to what you deserve
And words fail to describe this passion
I love you in the ineffable fashion
Priests show to the gods they serve
Your gaze that drives me frantically
To the point of despair
As I can but stare
At this goddess in agony
The finest of colors adorn your skin
As light to a candle; bright
Yet glorious nymph, you are but night
Making my head spin
Enchantress of magic arcane
My heart you've had to possess
As I've felt your sweet caress
Render me insane.
Your words, the kindest,
Play the sweetest melody
That might sound bawdy
To those whose minds are dankest
At times, to quell mysterious fire
You cast on me your power
Only to throw me from a tower
As soon as you've pleased your desire
You control my fate or so it seems
White queen, with your decisions
As I fill my heart with visions
Of happiness with you to the extremes
Under your silken fe
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 2 0
The World
From the mist, rise beauty
Bloodstained by the martyrs
We shall shout out forsaken memories
We are lost
We are forgotten
We are the dead children
Raise arms
For we shall die in suffering
The moon our guidance
Into the purple unknown
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
Mature content
The Wicked Souls :iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
Mature content
Rise Against :iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
Oh fate how you lie
Drowned in sulfur I hide
Scorched by flames I die
Ghastly shadow ally
Oh great darkness arise
Evil winds make surprise
Tortured martyrs cry
The black widows still pry
The soul aria amazes
All is lost in the mazes
There are no light crazes
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
False Promises
As we gaze into the unknown
False promises lay down hope
Hope which does not exist
Hope tainted by lies
Lies corrupted by the savior
For the savior shall be our greatest doom
No truthful redemption
We are to rot in the shadows
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
Un Satiro y Ninfas Lujuriosas
Lujuria confundida por amor
Expectativas tan grandes como el Olimpo
Y una realidad tan baja como Tártaro.
El sátiro trabaja arduamente para así poder conquistar a las ninfas.
Pero ninfas lujuriosas son y con sus deseos fuera de razón.
Mientras el ser se transforma milagrosamente
Ellas lo invitan a la danza de la muerte.
El sátiro mira mas aya del horizonte para divisar grandeza
Pero destino tortuoso, esta es realeza.
Apetitos y deseos, cual satisfacerá primero.
Ninfas de fertilidad, dan a vida la duda y crueldad.
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
Abandoned I lie
The shadow no longer an ally
Slowly I burn and die
They still pry...
The phantom without disclosure
In a world of anger and torture
There is no glorious salvation
Here I lie beyond redemption
Let me rise again
I'll punish their lives
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
Curse the Belief
Rotten remains
Maggots feeding off god
Fog of dismay
They don't see they rot
Eat them vultures
End their lives
Parasites within
Not worth life
Rise then
Embrace reality
Follow your demons
Swear no loyalty
Sow now perfection
Red moon rise
Curse the belief
From the shadow rise
Burn them in fire
Follow the desire
Salvation in darkness
Orgasm of consciousness
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0
Mature content
Burn Your Creation :iconrandelvas:Randelvas 0 0


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