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My Bio

❕I would have technical issues using the chat tab/notes.

❗Please send me notes for emergencies only.

For unknown reasons, deviantart stupidly deleted my bio :( Looks like I gotta do a fresh (re)start <:' /

Brief Artist's Bio:

I am an emerging artist with

A.A in Fine Arts and B.A in Studio Arts.

I do varied arts such as

drawing, sculpting, and photography!!

I mostly do traditional media,

and I hope that I can improve in the digital realm.

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pass the marshmallows

Artist Info:


English || Español || 日本語


31 | Detailed-Oriented | ISFJ

♡Compassionate♡♡Child at Heart♡♡Therapeutic♡

☆Child of the 90s☆☆High Functioning Autistic☆☆Alumni☆

Tomboy | Ex-Emo | Straight

Emerging Artist~Varied Art


'I can't wait to meet you, my baby!'

☕The following notes are based on my personal experiences,

what I was informed from person-to-person, and

academic researches.

☕If you do happen to get across "sad & hard" career advising from academic counselors, and art professionals, keep in mind that they had not been in your lens of your artistic vision, expression, and intentions more than your potential.

To get a Degree, or not to get a Degree?

🗣"You don't have to go to college

for certain art careers;

Bill Gates doesn't have a degree!!" ☕Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim, does not have a degree either.

➰Jobs like for illustration, comic book, and industries (Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.), degrees most likely don't get asked for.

☕I know, and talked to, artists who "reached the stars" without degrees.

➰But they got into business because *they worked very hard to get there. {~*Bradley Spence, MFA}

➿And the instantly "Lucky"

ones are *1 in 10,000.

{~*Katherine Gray, MFA;

Resident Evaluator, Netflix series, Blown Away} ☕There are famous people who have degrees, even though it is not required for their positions. ➰Some of them includes: ➿Tim Burton ➿Butch Hartman, the creator of Fairly Oddparents ➿ Steven Spielberg ➿ Chris Sanders, the creator of Lilo & Stitch


"You don't need a degree, but it doesn't hurt either. People who can't afford to go to university don't need to stress about it cos they can still get jobs, so because you have had the opportunity for higher education it's a bonus, not a mistake."


Artist, Professional, Film & Animation}

☕I was informed that *not all artists who got a Masters of Fine Arts are on the path to teaching at academic environments. {*Alison Ragguette, Professor, Studio Art}

☕ The art degree does not only mean that one obtained general education; ➰but it *can make the artist ➿stronger, ➿get broader recognitions, ➿& have more opportunity doors open. {*Matthew Poole, MFA}

🗣"You can learn how to do art via free tutorials, instead of going to art classes." ☕There are awesome art tutorials, especially on DeviantArt and YouTube {*cough* Bob *cough* Ross *cough*}, and how-to draw/do art books.

Itsudatsu Zine {Page I}

☕But taking art classes at college helps you get *better at art faster. {*Bradley Spence, MFA}

☕In art classes, not only you'll be lectured about the basics, but the students can be mentored by professionals one-on-one. ➰"college isn't without its merits...

teachers can provide goals to keep you motivated,

and teach skills that might take longer to figure out on your own."

{-Lindsay Cibos, illustrator/comic artist/writer}


☕What do you prefer? To get help & counseling from art professors who been seeing how hard you worked on your artwork in class, and see how you been developing in your originality, skill, and growth? While she/he finding a right guidance that fits for you? Or get tips from art professionals, who just met you, who does not know your background and tribulations more than your ability?


(Including non-Art Paths)

☕Not everyone who are attending classes are rich.

➰I know people who came from poor families,

then lived flourishing lives after getting degrees.

☕Thankfully, there's financial aid, scholarships,

and supporting programs available.

➰And there are jobs that allows

students to work and study.

🔘People who got luxurious lifes

without degrees is a *small percentage.

{*Barstow Counseling Center}

🤍On my early years of Jr. College, after my father's incarnation at prison in 2009

(and to this day, he's still is), me & my family financially suffered greatly. We had to eat stale and spoiled food to stay alive :' ( ➰Due to my developmental disabilities, I couldn't work and study at the same time,

not even be a full-time student to get full financial aid.

➿Me and my mom were fighting for my SSI {Supplemental Security Income} for about 15 years... to this day, we still are :' ( ➰Living on my disabled brother's SSI,

and welfare alone did not help us :' ( 🤍🤍But by Grace of God,

me and my family got financially stable on my later jr. college, and 4-year university.

I earned my A.A and B.A. :' )

➰I also got additional financial help from

extended opportunities programs, scholarship,

& semi-living programs.

🎓"I know it's hard... but then, you'll proper"

{~Sherri Pierce, DSPS Department}

➰"You think education is expensive?


{~random sticker}

Backlashes: 🗣"Fan Art is a big NO NO!!!" (for busniess/professional works & applications) ☕It depends what the artists are applying for... ☕A commercial store, Hot Topic, sold printed t-shirts of "Arts made by Fans for Fans". ☕Art Galleries would feature artworks

with "copyright" contents.

☕Professionals would sell their artworks, and merchandise, based on franchise, especially from the busniess-based websites.

🗣"Artists don't get paid well." ☕It depends on the individual and perseverance. ➰The art community is growing. ☕I know, and been told about, artists that do get paid well, and can live on the money that she/he earns. ☕Nowadays, thanks to technology and social media, networking art is getting broader.

Itsudatsu Zine {Panel III}

➰Location and Demographics can also play role.

➿Children are great audiences ;) {- Susan Templeton, LMFT}


➿Zoos don't only hire zookeepers ;) There are jobs for Graphic Designers and Artists too ;3 Animal Face Painting anyone? 🐯🦁🦊

🤹‍♀️There are parents who want artists/designers to decorate and design room for thier babies and children ;) ☕You may not be a "millionaire" right away; *it can be hard at first, and it can take time. {* @tamberella} 🍗When the KFC guy started selling at first, nobody bought his signature fried chicken. But look at him now ;)

➰Above all, create art because you enjoy it.

➿For some reason, I known a therapist who enjoys helping her clients, even though she does not get paid well.♡

'...it can grow hair, teeth, and even eyes'

da family:💚



Biological Brother:




Baby Sister:




Awesome Friends & Peeps:

SilentRosySunrise, StarJumperFox, ValorRally, DrMatthew178, @dreagonarchives, @whitefoxdesigns @storybirdartist, @madzchickenfreak @bluemario1016 @rile-reptile CherryScallop EncryptedOS Xiao-Fury Feesu-san Lambity

{I'm going to be adding more sooner or later💚}

Favourite Visual Artist
Thomas Kinkade, Nancy Tillman, LeUyen Pham, Anne Geddes, Norman Rockwell, Christian Riese Lassen, Akira Himekawa, Richard Scarry, Rosemary Wells, Mary Engelbreit, Glen Keane, & more ♡
Favourite Movies
Ben-Hur, Life of Pi, Hugo, Inside Out, Fantasia 2000, Elemental, Osmosis Jones, Cats Don't Dance, Whisper of the Heart, Zootopia, The Lion King, Tarzan, & more ♡
Favourite TV Shows
Ni Hao Kai Lan, Kappa Mikey, Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, Recess, Rolie Polie Olie, Little Bear, Blue's Clues, Kidsongs, Little Bill, Art Attack, Out of the Box, & more ♡
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mozart, Beethoven, Pachelbel, Yanni, Koji Kondo, Joe Hisaishi, Cirque du Soleil, & more♡
Favourite Books
Stellaluna, Skippyjon Jones, Winnie-the-Pooh, Happy Happy Clover, the Three Little Wolves & the Big Bad Pig, Ripley's Believe It or Not books, I Spy books, & more♡
Favourite Writers
Walt Disney, Shigaru Miyomoto, Dr. Seuss, Robert Zemeckis, Greg Weisman, John Lasseter, Ron Clements, Jon Musker, & more :P
Favourite Games
Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Kirby 64: the Crystal Shards, Kirby Air Ride, Yoshi's Story, Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz, & more :P
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, SEGA Dreamcast, Windows XP, Nintendo 3DS XL, Kids' Coin Slot & DDR Arcades, 90s Windows PCs, & more :P
Tools of the Trade
Prismacolor, Copic, Staedtler, Verithin, Crayola, Highlighters, Photoshop Elements 11, Corel Painter, ibisPaintX, MS Paint, X-atco #11 Knife, Office Copy Paper, & more♡
Other Interests
Biblical Studies, Creationism, Walking, Swimming, Dodge Ball, Hockey, ATV, Hunting, Feeding Livestock, Hiking, ASMR, Food, Asian History, Classic Disney & Looney Tunes show, & more :P

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