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Pietro x Baby! Reader |Bonding|
It was always troublesome for Pietro when Wanda had to head off on a mission. Particularly because of the baby they’d found on the last mission they’d done, together. Alone and abandoned, Pietro had scooped up the dirty little baby and taken it back to their apartment the second the mission was over.
Wanda was suspicious of the child after a little while, but figured it was harmless, so why not try and raise it as their own little sibling/child/thing-y. It was fine, at first, save for the insanely odd hours that it’d wake up in need of food or a change.
And in those diaper changes, they learned that “it” was a “she”.
But as the months wore on, she learned how to sit up, crawl, and eat baby food without making a total mess. At least, when Wanda was there to make sure the girl stayed clean. When Wanda was gone, though, that was when there was trouble.
“Ve do zhis every time, (Name). Just eat your food like normal child!” Pietro
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 650 139
Out Cold | Peter Quill x Reader |
Whoever was in your house at this hour wasn't getting anything but a meeting between your foot and their ass. It was 3 a.m. Three. In. The. Morning! You used that time for conventional things, like, perhaps, sleeping! But no, some douche wanted to come in your house and try and hang out, steal your shit, and kill you.
"Not today, bitch." You muttered, fists clenched at your sides.
The perpetrator was tall, you gathered upon nearing the stairs. He was moving around slowly, groggily, even. You rolled your eyes and neared the railing, watching him closely in the dark sea your living room became after 8 o'clock. If he was tired, he shouldn't have been sneaking around in random people's houses this time of night! Idiot.
He seemed to know his way around in the dark, as he didn't trip, stumble, or even stutter in his movements. But when he got close enough to that railing you pounced, landing on him and straightening him flat out on his back.
You punched him square
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 132 19
Wolverine x Shifter! Reader
Wolverine x Shifter! Reader
Request for hotshot432
AN: Reader can turn into a deer sized wolf and can talk while in this form.  In her human form, she has heterochromia, with one eye a dark leaf green and the other eye a light sky blue.  The reader’s father passed away and her mother remarried before passing away herself.  The reader also has a German accent but speaks English very well.  Reader is an adult in this piece.
You shivered and pulled the hoodie that you were wearing closer to your cold body as you walked into what seemed like the millionth street you had walked in today.  The reason that you were walking in a street at this time of day was quite simple; you were kicked out of home.
A boy roughly pushed past you to get to his locker, “Freak.” He whispered as he walked past and you winced; it wasn’t your fault that you had different coloured eyes and your mother had told you before she passed away that your differen
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 583 81
Wolverine x Reader
Wolverine (Logan) x Reader
“Five times the Avengers tried to pair the reader with another Avenger and the one time they realized the pair was already dating.”
AN: Reader is the Norse goddess of Nature
Attempt #1
It was taking all of your willpower not to fall asleep in the meeting that Fury had called; he was just droning on and on. Next to you, your brother Thor was in a similar state as was your other brother, Loki.
It probably wasn’t the best idea to have a celebration on Asgard due to the defeat of Surtur but Asguardians didn’t really need a reason to celebrate and the festival had gone on to the early hours of this morning.  Your only consoling thought was that if you were mortal, you would have dropped mere hours into the festival.
“Wolverine, I thought I told you that there was to be no smoking in the debriefing room.” Fury stopped his lecture to glare at Logan, who was indeed smoking one of his cigars.
Logan raised an eyebrow, “Ya
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 914 170
Wolverine x Reader
Request for FlyingTigerr
Stark!Reader x Wolverine
“I can’t believe that the pirate would do that!” Tony fumed as he aimed his Iron Man glove at a target and blew up the target. “Dummy! Clean that up.” He ordered and stormed up to the lounge room of Stark Tower; where you and Pepper where eating pizza.
“Take off that glove if you want a slice.” Pepper calmly ordered without looking up from her slice and you fought a grin.  Pepper could handle your brother better than anyone else you knew and the conversations between the two were always funny because where Pepper was calm, rational and logical, Tony was reckless, his moods changed consistently and the only time he applied logic was when he was forced to by Director Fury.
With a sigh, the glove slid off of Tony’s hand and Tony plopped down next to you, “You know, we eat pizza so much, I should just buy the company….”
“No.” Pepper interrupted.
“But c
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 690 98
Thor x Asguardian! Demigod! Reader
Thor x Asguardian! Demigod! Reader
AN: Reader is a member of the Avengers and Loki’s daughter.  This isn’t a romantic pairing – it’s more like a friendly/family one.
You smiled as you walked into the kitchen and saw Natasha making coffee, about two minutes later, she wordlessly handed you a cup before making one for herself. This was your daily morning ritual and if you just waited something would happen that would determine the direction of the Avengers’ day and whether you needed to magically mute Tony again or hold him still as the Hulk charged at him.  
It took the Avengers a while to warm up to you as you were Loki’s demigod daughter but after a while they did (you also guessed that your “adopted,” your father’s words not yours, uncle had something to do with that).
“My apologies, Thor.” JARVIS’ smooth voice spoke, “It would seem as though we are out of Pop Tarts.”
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 355 100
Stark!Reader x Superman (Clark Kent)
Stark!Reader x Superman (Clark Kent)
AN:  I don’t know all that much about Superman or DC so please forgive me if there are any mistakes.
“Lois, I’m not going on a blind date.” You sighed into your phone as Tony, your brother, fed his eight month old son, Jayden.
“Why not (Name)?  It’s been a year since you broke up with Joshua.  You need to get back out there.” Lois calmly replied.
The two of you had met in college and remained friends.  Lois went into journalism and you studied the culinary arts.  Like all Starks, you succeeded in your chosen career and were one of the best chefs, who specialised in Eastern Cuisine, in the world.
“Oh, are we back on that train again?” Tony groaned as put down Jayden’s spoon.  “He was a dick.”
“LANGUAGE!” Lois yelled through the phone and you picked up a pillow before throwing it at Tony.  When it collided, Jayden clapped his hands to
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 401 44
The Daddy Series - Marshall Lee x Reader
"Marshall! Stop it!" 
Gumball's pink hands snatched at the air, trying to reach the little girl. "Give her back, now!"
Marshall smirked, floating into the house with the pink blob of bubble gum in his arms, "She's just playin'! Relax!"
"But what if Indigo bites her?!" 
Marshall hissed, sending the prince, no, king, a death glare. "Are you saying my daughter is interested in biting a soft mold of candy!?"
"Yes!" Gumball snapped. 
You burst through the kitchen doors, "Enough!"

Marshall immediately backed away, taking his own daughter in his arms. He floated upstairs to her room. You rolled your eyes.
"I'm so sorry, Gumball. Marshall is moody today." You said politely. Upstairs you heard Marshall grunt. 
"It's fine, (F/N). Let me just take Lilly and I'll head back to the palace." He grumbled, taking her in his arms.
"Yes, Good bye! Come again!" 
When they left, you slumped into the wall. Indigo and Lilly really were good friends, if it weren
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 569 91
The Daddy Series - Sebastian Michaelis x Reader
The man glared out the window, watching his little succubus run around the yard followed by two older boys. They were about fourteen or so.
"Stay away from her, you little wretches.." He growled darkly, only to have arms wrap around his frame from behind. 
"Sebby.. relax." You cooed. "She'll be fine." He turned to look at her. 
"What if they hurt her? They want her because she's a succubus!" Sebastian barked, making his wife smile. 
"She's only ten, and they wouldn't do anything like that. They're only playing tag." 
"I don't trust them. She's a succubus and she'll be a target for them. What if she likes it? What if she continues?!" His face darkened at the thought.
"Sebastian.. look at me." You made him turn his face to you. "I'm a succubus. Did I do anything bad like that?" You flicked the pink tail back and forth,
his scarlet eyes landing on the spade - shaped end of it. 
"No.." He mumbled. "But what if she does?" 
You gasped, "Our daughter would
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 542 73
The Daddy Series - Jeff The Killer x Reader
You sat on the sofa, curled up. A book sat in your hands, and your eyes sped across the page with fascination. It was getting good. In the background,
some old episodes of Tom and Jerry blared from the TV. When the chapter ended on a cliffhanger, you winced. Before going on to the next and final
chapter, you looked up. 
Her black hair pooled around on the floor when she looked up at the screen. She wore one of his shirts, making a nightgown. He thought she looked
cute in his shirts, so he lent her the old ones. You were about to speak when the screen door in the kitchen opened.
Jeff stepped inside, bloodied. He carried a sack in his right hand, and a knife in his left. His coal black hair swooshed as he shook his head, getting
rid of the strands of hair in his eyes. "Jordan, sit on the couch or something. You're way too close to the screen." 
"Yes daddy." She said innocently, skipping over to the love seat by the TV. Jeff's gaze went to you. 
"What?" You asked, setting t
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 469 125
Jeff the Killer x Reader : 'Bout That Bass (fluff)
It was a peaceful day in the Slender Mansion.
Quiet gasps were heard every time Toby twitched, the subtle beeps and dings of the video game Ben played in the living room. On the couch next to him, Sally sung sweetly to the teddy that she cradled in her arms.
Clinks in the dining room were from Masky and Hoodie chatting, their forks hitting the porcelain plates as they ate their cheesecake. Laughing Jack snickered from underneath the stairs, being told constantly to shut up from Eyeless Jack, as they were going to pull a prank on Jane, who was busy bossing Rake around.
If one were to listen closely, they could even hear Smiles lick his nose and occasionally yawn as he sat by the downstairs bathroom door, resisting the temptation to drink from the toilet bowl.
Even the big man himself, Mr. Slender Man, sat in his study, a newspaper outstretched in his hands as he read the latest issues in the Zalgo Times. He exhaled, relishing the peace that was rare in his household. Especially since he
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 265 49
DeadPool x Reader : Attached
Your hands grasped the infant delicately underneath its pits, shaking it from side to side gently. A smile spread across your lips as you cooed sweet words to the child, who bubbled out cute little giggles and smiled toothlessly down at you.
“You are so adorable!” You practically cried, bringing the baby down and cradling (her/him) in your arms. You sat cross legged in the living room, resting the baby’s head on the top of your knee. “I’m so happy that you’re mine~!”
“I don’t see why you didn’t just drop it off at the station, seeing as you refused to get rid of it.” A masculine voice, with a hint of a whine, grumbled bitterly as he approached.
Your brows furrowed and a grimace made your lips turn into a tight line. “Wade!”
“Shut up, you agreed to come over to see the baby so you better act like you like (him/her)!” You snapped back, a little agitated that he would make such ru
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 242 59
Scott Lang (Ant-Man) x Reader
    Baskin Robbins Always Finds Out
    a Scott Lang x Reader
   by SophiaofTerra
    CAUTION: Ant-Man (film) spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!
            “Crap,” you hissed, fetching your purse from the table beside the front entrance, “Quarter ‘til and it’s the busiest day of the week!” You shook your head, throwing the door open and shuffling quickly into your car, pushing the key in before realizing you forgot your hat.
            “You have got to be kidding me.”
            A groan rumbled up your chest before you ran back inside, swatting for your hat before turning around and locking the door.
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 159 22
Bruce Wayne x Reader
"What is this mess?"
(Y/N) stares at the kitchen with horror. It was a complete mess. She had left it pristine clean, and when she had returned from a simple errand to the store, she had returned only to find it absolutely destroyed.
The oven was tinged black as if it had been set on fire.
The refrigerator was left open.
The counters were littered with open bags of flour and sugar.
The floor was soaked with water and milk.
It was a disaster!
Four boys were laughing on the floor, covered head to toe with flour and all kind of ingredients, and (Y/N) put her hands firmly on her hips.
"What happened here?"
Upon realizing that (Y/N) had just arrived in the room, all of them quickly shut their mouths and turned to look at her intimidating figure. (Y/N) was almost tempted to grab the fly-swatter and hit them all with it for making such a mess, but known for her self-control, (Y/N) restrained herself from doing so.
"Um... we tried... to cook?" Timothy admitted nervously. "It was Jason's idea."
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 374 13
Superman x Reader I Thought...
"She's dead. Superman." 
Brainiac just loved being the bearer of bad news or at least that was what Clark liked to believe. The way Brainiac had said it... without any emotion. It just made him angrier. Mad. He wanted to grab Brainiac by the shoulders and rip his head off, shoot laser beams through his skull, and throw him away like a piece of junk.
"Where is she!?"
"She is dead." Brainiac repeated. "Perhaps your inferior mind cannot comprehend this simple fact."
Superman charged for Brainiac only to be swarmed by a flurry of micro bots created by Brainiac himself. Superman's eyes grew an angry red as his laser vision flashed in his sight once again. Micro bots exploded here and there but more and more kept coming.
"Weak from rage?" Brainiac questioned. "I expected more from Earth's protector. Pitiful."
Superman hated how the android looked down upon him as if he were an insect.
No... it can't end like this.
"Getting rusty supes?"
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 216 14
(Superman x reader) Damsel in Distress
Superman x reader:
Damsel in Distress

    You were almost done with your shift at the bookstore in the small part of Metropolis city when you saw a costumer come in the store. He was tall like around 6’1 or 6’2, and he had thick black hair with bright crystal blue eyes. He wore thick black lines glasses and a loose plaid shirt and wore brown pants. He carried a messenger bag over his shoulder and a blue blazer. You stared at him with such interest that you froze in your spot, not even noticing your boss yelling at you.
“(Name)! Get your head out of the clouds, and help that man!” He said pointing at the handsome man you were staring at. You took a deep breath, and then walked to the tall gentlemen that was browsing in the non-fiction section. He didn’t take notice of you until you cleared your throat.
“Excuse me, do you need help with anything?” You asked nervous
:iconaubageddon91:Aubageddon91 175 12


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