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Halo Yonhet Reimagined (Lurker)

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A while back I wanted to expand the Covenant Fringe by redesigning cut and lesser represented aliens from the Halo franchise. One of these canon aliens was the Yonhet that appeared in Halo Nightfall. They pretty much looked like a generic rubber mask alien you'd see in Star Trek. I hated the original design so much so that I decided to take a crack at it.

I wanted the Yonhet to be an lesser aquatic slave race that was lower in the caste system alongside Grunts and Jackals. Known as Lurkers, they are about the same size as an average human. They do not have energy shields but instead have thick chest armor that protect them from concussive blasts. They are shock troopers that work in squads of 4 or 5, wielding concussion rifles or excavators as they suppress and close in on their enemies. They are best dealt with from afar before they can close in and surround the player. They are excellent swimmers and often ambush UNSC troops by piers and other locations along waterfronts.

This is one of many sketches of this character idea that I have laying around, so I don't really consider this to be a finalized design. Maybe I'll make more but eh.
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