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Sea Control Ship
Laid down in 1975, the USS Toulgas, the first of her class of "Sea Control Ships", entered service with the US Navy in 1978. Suffering from a protracted development and procurement struggle since it's conception by Chief of Naval Operations Zumwalt in the beginning of the decade, the Toulgas would not be joined by her first sister ships for well over a year. In that time, the first of the light carriers built since the end of the Second World War began to see rise of troubles that would plague the class for most of it's life.
The ship's fixed wing compliment was centered around the brand new Rockwell FV-12A, an ambitious mach 2+ VTOL fighter, intended as a far superior domestic design over the early British-built jump jets already in service with the Marine Corps. Unfortunately, while the FV-12 had prevailed over the early technical problems that had threatened to scuttle it's entire development, this proved insufficient for what was required of an operational combat airc
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NYPD 'Iron Guard' armor by Ranchoth NYPD 'Iron Guard' armor :iconranchoth:Ranchoth 16 9 SHIELD UN flag by Ranchoth SHIELD UN flag :iconranchoth:Ranchoth 8 1 Mathammed by Ranchoth Mathammed :iconranchoth:Ranchoth 7 13 Mohammjack by Ranchoth Mohammjack :iconranchoth:Ranchoth 2 0 'Dr Sanrei' Cobra filecard by Ranchoth 'Dr Sanrei' Cobra filecard :iconranchoth:Ranchoth 6 3 Hippie silhouette target by Ranchoth Hippie silhouette target :iconranchoth:Ranchoth 3 5 The Jet Age by Ranchoth The Jet Age :iconranchoth:Ranchoth 2 0
It's a Living
It's a Living
Cursing her habit of nervous snacking, Daria mentally slapped her
fingers from the bowl of roasted kitten nuggets on the conferance
table, and continued reading from her legal pad. "...all you will
lose is the emotion of pride. The choice is simple: obey us, and know
the peace of plenty and content; or disobey, and you will know the
'peace' of unburied death. The choice is yours."
She cleared her throat, and glanced up at the freakshow seated at
the other side of the gleaming black table. Not that it did her a
whole lot of good--the two men were still wearing their steel masks,
and the woman was still glaring over the top of her glasses with
barely veiled hatred.
Oddly enough, Daria got the odd impression of jealousy
coming from the woman. Which, even as things were, didn't make a lot
of sense. Aside from the fact that she was younger, and bore more of
a passing resemblance to--
"Young woman, do you have any idea of what you've just

The sudden,
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Cobra-Daria logo. 'Cobria'? by Ranchoth Cobra-Daria logo. 'Cobria'? :iconranchoth:Ranchoth 4 2


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Hey, I just set up a web page for my Daria/Cobra stuff! The collected home for the fics and associated art for my weird crossover series, with a new story chapter to boot.

I know the fans will appreciate it...y'know, all two or three of you, on the entire planet! :D
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Thanks for adding my Van Doom and Alumni Parking Permit to your favourites.
Rooster3D Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav!
Makyo689 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey,You haven't post anything for 4 years since 2012. Just wondering,are you active?
Ranchoth Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016

Sorry for the late reply—yes, I suppose I'm still "active," it's just that I've been largely preoccupied with other creative projects for the last couple of years, such as my 3D printing designs, and a video review series I'm working on. If and when I have something notable to post, though, I'll gladly share it here. :)
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Thank you for the fave on my Chiron Tilt Rotor, it has massed the most fave of my work and I have no idea why. It was not my favorite of my time spent so please let me know what caught your eye :)
Ranchoth Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015

I actually came across it by chance, as the result of a Google image search for fictional tiltrotors; if I had to put a name to it, I'd say it's that it possesses a sort of unpretentious, functional aesthetic—very clearly that of a machine at home more than a few decades in the past—but still one that's got an eyebrow-raising flight capability, even by today's standards, belying an unworldly nature.

Also, it appears both plausibly airworthy—one of my pet peeves when it comes to fictional aircraft—yet still retains enough of it's own distinctive features to be readily identifiable.

That, and the color scheme—aircraft, the visible interior, and even the drab colored background—just gives the piece a sort of autumnal, "cozy" impression, I think, which I find irresistibly charming. But that might just be me being weird. ;)
plushman Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Sweet Cheers, that actually gives me a lot think on, much appreciated
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