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Leather Mask Making Tutorial

By Ranasp
This has been a while in the making, I hope that it answers most of your questions if you want to try making a mask of your own.

I took the pictures with the aid of my boyfriend and wrote the text, while did all of the layout, I couldn't have made this tutorial without her, thanks so much!
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© 2006 - 2021 Ranasp
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Will this kind of thing work for Animal Masks like the ones used in Zyuohger?
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I have no idea what zyohger is, so I looked it up, it looked something like Power Ranger masks but animals?  The ones I saw were a lot more...Puffy looking than what leather would typically do.  I suppose you could try, or do a variant of it, but it isn't going to end up looking a whole lot like them from what I saw.  
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Natural Veg Leather Trim piece ( 8 1/2" X 11") sold at Hobby Lobby and Michaels work perfect for this.
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::twitch:: I don't advise buying from Hobby Lobby.  You're far better off buying a "grab bag" of leather remnants from Tandy Leather Factory or any other leather supply store that sells scraps of vegetable tanned leather.  You can quite easily make domino masks out of many of the scraps for much cheaper overall, plus the odd shapes can force you to be a bit creative with the final form.
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Hmm I wonder how you would do with a tokyo ghoul mask
Takeshi1993's avatar
This is extremely useful and informative. Thank you.
N-Hyuman80's avatar
Where did you get the leather? I live in Hawaii and have no idea where to get good amounts of it, except online I guess.
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I live near a Tandy Leather Factory so I can just drive down to get more leather, but you can look for online stores or buy off of ebay.  You could also try your local craigslist to see if anyone local is selling vegetable tanned leather.
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tandy leather online half a hide of vegtable tanned leather.... a grand total of a hundred and something dollors, not cheap and not that much leather when doing this stuff
Ranasp's avatar
A half hide is HUGE when you're talking masks.  It's not super cheap, but I have yet to find anything of quality that is.  You can also buy a grab bag of scrap leather and usually can get a few pieces of decent size to practice with.  
Artoveli's avatar
Beautiful work!  I really want to try this now. :eager:
Ranasp's avatar
Do so!  Even if you go with a simple domino mask for your first one it looks so much more polished if you shape it like in the tutorial and ends up looking quite impressive.
Artoveli's avatar
It's a very good tutorial, by the way, makes the whole process seem a lot less intimidating. :nod:
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It really is one of those things that has a simple foundation but refining it is the challenge. 
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what kind of paints did you use on this?
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Actually, they're leather dyes, which are shown in Step 2.
fiercezombie's avatar
Heyo, I'm looking to make a clown nose (note the profile pic) and am questioning how to precut leather so it will form the shape of a ball..i.e., how does a clown nose translate to 2D? Or does it not really matter, when the leather is wet and you cut after the fact? Any suggestions? Thanks! Nice work, btw!
Ranasp's avatar
I wouldn't say it's impossible, but I'm not sure how it could be made without leaving a seam.  You would probably have to make it sort of the way you do a pillow, use VERY thin leather, make two halves of the sphere, stitch them together wrong-side-out, wet them and flip them inside-out so they're correct side out and try stretching it while wet into the correct shape.
thank you this is what got me to mack my own.
Ranasp's avatar
Did you put it up on DA?
yes it is at m00nm0rph.
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Thanks for posting this tutorial and leaving it up since 2006. Just finished my Dread Pirate Roberts mask for Halloween and it looks so much better than any of the simple masks available for sale anywhere.

Thanks again, and you rock!

:) (Smile)
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