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My NEW, IMPROVED art blog is now LIVE at https://jenniferslange.wordpress.com/

Remember how a few weeks ago I said I had resurrected my art blog? I did, but the poor thing floundered and fell apart like the giant warrior from Nausicaa. I found it too big a hassle to create an image-heavy blog with tech that made life really hard whenever I wanted to any graphic, and migrated to Wordpress instead. The first few articles obviously simply repeated what I had recently posted on the old blog, BUT now there are all new posts with new artworks. I am happy about comments and suggestions about other articles and look forward to seeing you on the new blog!

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I have resurrected my art blog, ranarh.blogspot.com after an absence since 2018. I have found that writing articles about what I do comes more naturally to me than the every-changing outlets of social media, so here we are. For now I am mixing a recap of what has happened since I left the blog and newer works, forgetting to tag the posts, adding lots and lots of pictures because I can, struggling with Blogger's ancient layouting technology, and generally having fun looking through all the things I have painted in the last few years. Feel free to visit - I think there are cookies - comment, suggest, or complain at:


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Cats and Yellow Roses Series - now up for sale on Etsy! They were created since the beginning of 2023, painted in acrylics on various surfaces on the small format of 20×30cm (with the exception of the square one).

50% of profits will go to two local animal shelters, because the furry ones alone on the streets, or that can't find a home need all the help they can get. Therefore, feel free to spread the word! Buy them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JSLArtShop

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Cat and yellow roses
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December Sale and giveaway in my Etsy shop! From 6 December, to 4 January '23, when buying 2 items shoppers get 25% off the total. There are original artworks available from drawing to painting and collage, both large and small; my previous artbooks, single, as download, or in a complete set; or surprise sets containing anything from postcards to prints to actual paintings.

Giveaway: If you quote me the word "Tannenbaum" in your order message, there will be a free surprise artwork in your package!


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Etsy Sale Xmas22 IG
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Inktober Sale Coming Up!

From October 1st to November 1st 2022, there's a sale for everything in inks in my online shop on Etsy. Large, small, dark, light, coloured - everything for -20% off. This includes of course previous Inktober drawings as well as free and personal artworks.


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Etsy Sale Inktober22 IG
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Inktober 2021: The Queendom When I saw the Inktober 2021 prompt list, ideas came flowing for an IP I've been tinkering with for a bit; a world of four tribes at war, only I've had troubles binding it together with a cohesive story - I'm a worldbuilder more than a storyteller - and suddenly things became clear. So, with a tingle of fear, I present: The Queendom. The four tribes are harpies of my own design, so they're all women but that's not the point (it's not a romance story). There are the Goldseekers (powermongers currently holding the throne), the Stablings (witches out to reclaim the throne), the Skullings (dim-witted necromancers supporting the Goldseekers), and the Rocksquatters (hermit philosophers who try to stay out of it all). As a teaser, here are some of the older, previous Queendom artworks: Oh, and before I forget - I am also doing a "regular" Inktober because I liked many of my sketches, so expect that too! Special shopping conditions for newsletter subscribers!
Spring Sale on Etsy All through April '21, shopwide discount of 30% on everything except prints (but on artbooks and artbook bundles). All purchases above 100€ also receive a free original drawing of A5 size or smaller. Subscribe to my newsletter mailing list by writing to jsl@jsl-art.de with the subject Newsletter, for special offers and discount. And even news! #etsysale #etsyseller #art #standwithsmall #contemporaryart #newsletter

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