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Paintings 25% off on Etsy

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 12, 2018, 11:23 AM

Etsy Discount

As promised, there are plenty of nice little saving opportunities this month. This week, from 11 - 18 December, all large format drawings and paintings will be 25% cheaper in my Etsy shop, plus buyers get a free sketch with them. Find the artworks here:…

New Prints

Also there are now finally prints avilable in my Etsy shop. Surprise packages of five cards that I pick for you have been a lot of fn on conventions so far! But of coure you can pick them yourself as well:…

December Offers

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 1, 2018, 5:08 AM

Keeping an Eye on Sales

I will always announce any sale, and give away promo codes on my Facebook page, so it's easy for you to keep track.

Offers on Original Artworks

Few of my traditional artworks make appearances here on dA, but I actually create a lot of original artworks in all sizes, from lively sketches on repurposed playing cards to 50×70cm drawings and paintings. You can find them in my Etsy shop, (auf auf Deutsch).
There will be precentages off and special offers all through December as I clear out shelves for next year's creative outbursts!

Offers on Prints

Starting Dec 1st, there will be 20% off on art prints and canvas prints in my INPRNT shop:
If you can't find an image of mine you would like a print of, don't hesitate to ask!

October Challenges Recap

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 6, 2018, 8:27 AM

InkTober and Month of Fear 2018

I knew I wanted to take part in Month of Fear this year, but also attend InkTober. I didn't have time for both, so I decided to overlap them, and did five artworks in ink, following the Month of Fear subjects: "Lies", "Beauty", "Tears", "Blindness", and "Truth".
All are done on bristol carton for its smooth surface, three are large (50×70cm), two are smaller; I mostly used chinese brushes and dip pens (which cost me half a dozen nibs that I washed down the drain with the entire bucket of water). My ink supply is now seriously diminished - except for that one-litre bottle of black, that still holds some - so this has the extra side benefit of allowing me to go shopping in the art store!
All five are also available for purchase in my Etsy shop if you like them:…
Month of Fear/Inktober 2018: Lies by Ranarh Month of Fear/Inktober: Truth by Ranarh Month of Fear/Inktober: Blindness by Ranarh Month of Fear/Inktober: Tears by Ranarh Month of Fear/Inktober 2018: Beauty by Ranarh

Speedpainting ahoy

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 23, 2018, 9:34 AM

Speedy Environments

You may have noticed an, ah - slight increase in speedpaintings in your inbox lately. I have been trying to make daily sketching a habit since the beginning of the year, and for a few weeks have been better at seeing it through. There is a bit of narrative to them - not nearly as complex and deep as my world Genius Loci, but it's fun to come up with tiny flavour texts.
Selbour's Landing by Ranarh Perimeter 3 by Ranarh Three Days West, then Left by Ranarh
Lightgiver Hill by Ranarh Aranataca Dance by Ranarh Difference in Opinion by Ranarh


If you like seeing my speedpaintings and are looking for more sketches, come visit my Instagram account, where Ranarh draws:…

7-Tuerme-Con in Rostock

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2018, 5:22 AM

Sieben-Türme-Con am 21. und 22. Juli

Wie letztes Jahr bin ich wieder auf dem Sieben-Türme-Con ( ) am 21. und 22. Juli in Rostock. Wenn Ihr auch da seid, sagt doch mal Hallo!

Sonst noch deutsche Cons?

... und wenn irgendwer noch mehr Rollenspiel-Conventions in Deutschland kennt, oder Veranstaltungen für Künstler/Illustratoren, die man mal besuchen sollte, höre ich gerne davon. Es ist manchmal überraschend schwierig sie zu finden und immer so schade sie zu verpassen. Geht einfach davon aus dass ich gar keine kenne ;) (das stimmt natürlich nicht, aber bevor ich was verpasse weil man denkt, die kenne ich doch bestimmt...)

Social Media

Of course you can also find me in other parts of the internet. Like Instagram, for speedpaintings and sketches you don't see here:…
or on Tumblr, for excessive WIPs and progress GIFs:
and on Facebook, for events and news:

Current Affairs

Journal Entry: Mon May 28, 2018, 9:58 AM

Instagram (and #MerMay)

So I arrived in modern times and openend up an Instagram account, which finally spurred me to do more speedpaintings again. I also started it off with a flourish by joining the #MerMay2018 challenge. Come find me at… and post below where I can find you, and any other amazing artists worth following!

Etsy Sale!

There is a new sale in my Etsy shop for original artworks, now live until the 15th June. Get 30% off when buying two items or more - which can of course be as easy as bagging one large painting plus a tiny sketch. Find my shop on Etsy at

Me and the authors

• Aaron McQueen aka McQueenSerialFantasy and I are hard at work on his two weekly serials, Exiles and Tantalus, which means one free-to-read weekly story, plus more for Patreon supporters. Find us at
• John Enitsu's first Rhoenoak novel "The Awakening" is an epic scienc-fantasy story I have been illustrating to great extent, including some of my greatest succeses here on dA. The second book is already in the works, and you can find John here as Enitsu331 or via the official fb page,…
KemStar is re-releasing her Crossroads story in a new, polished edition for which I provided illustrations. You can already find it on…

Support is always welcome ;)

If you like my works enough to want some for your home or as gifts, you can buy prints here on dA, on INPRNT or Curioos, find originals in my Etsy shop, or commission me for new artworks. Feel free to message me about other things you could want; images not in print or cool new print products (I've been asked about stickers - stickers, anyone?)

McQueen Serial Fantasy

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 11, 2018, 3:24 AM

I've signed up with Aaron McQueen, writer of the continuous storylines Exiles and Tantalus, to create the covers and bonus artwork for his weekly publications. Exiles is free to read; Tantalus can be subscribed to on Patreon.
Exiles is a fantasy story set on an arctic prison colony about a bunch of misfits beating the odds.
In Tantalus, Earth has been invaded by aliens that can only be defeated by the new, magically trained military.
Both can be found via the website McQueen Serial Fantasy and on Patreon.
Exiles Issue 36 Cover by Ranarh


I rarely ever post my sketches and quick works here on dA, so if you're interested in those, come by my Tumblr to get plenty :)

"Wild West" challenge on Artstation

With this year's Month of Love I had good success furthering my skills, so I'm hungry for more challenges and have joined the Artsation challenge "Wild West" in the keyframe category, running through April. Support and critique are welcome. Find my challenge thread here:…

Off to HeinzCon

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2018, 4:31 AM


Diese Wochenende findet der HeinzCon vom Uhrwerk Verlag in Norden-Norddeich statt. Auch ich werde dieses Jahr wieder dort sein und meine Zeichnerdienste anbieten. Drucke und Originale gibt es auch zu kaufen. Wäre schön wenn man sich trifft, also kommt vorbei und sagt Hallo!

Kiriban at 123.456 pageviews

Completely by accident I caused my 120.000th pageview myself. Such a shame to have wasted that kiriban opportunity! But let's have one at 123.456 because the number is cool. Go tell your friends and start the page reload race ;) Whoever sends me a screenshot of that pageview number gets a sketch for free.

The Sketchbook 2017

Available in my Etsy shop…

My first published sketchbook, fresh from the presses! This small artbook contains my sketches of 2017.
There are over 120 drawings and sketches, in six chapters sorted by medium (charcoal, ink, paint, graphite, digital, and walkthroughs), many of which can be found in my Etsy shop. There are portraits, landscapes, concept sketches, and surreal flow-of-consciousness drawings, as well as a chapter devoted to showing my work process.
Patreon supporters receive signed copies or get percentages off buying this book ( ), and it is of course available at conventions I attend.


I rarely ever post my sketches and quick works here on dA, so if you're interested in those, come by my Tumblr to get plenty :)


Journal Entry: Fri Feb 2, 2018, 8:50 AM

I created a new account on Tumblr, . Still a bit empty right now, naturally, but getting filled quickly. I had been thinking about moving there from Google's Blogger for a while - it seems easier to use - and finally took that step. Mostly because I really want to take part in 2018's Month of Love, since I already missed 2017's Month of Fear (busy with Inktober). I'll run both my blog simultaneously for a while to see if one wins. I'd be happy to see you on Tumblr, of course! Compare for yourself:

Kiriban at 123.456

As a quick reminder, there will be a small gift for the one who sends me a screenshot of the 123.456th pageview. It's still some ways off, but past experience shows it could also be around the corner ;)

Sketchbook 2017

I will publish a sketchbook with my sketches and drawings from 2017 in February! Keep an eye on my Facebook and Etsy shop to get the latest news:


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 4, 2017, 9:18 AM

The Calendar

Every year I try to remember setting up a calendar in time to allow deliveries to arrive before the new year actually starts ;). The 2018 calendar is an "Art Of Jennifer S. Lange", with various works from 2017, spanning from my world Genius Loci to John Enitsu's (Enitsu331) novel Rhoenoak. I hope you're as happy with the calendar as I am!
The Art Of - Calendar 2018 by Ranarh

Kiriban at 123.456 pageviews

Completely by accident I caused my 120.000th pageview myself. Such a shame to have wasted that kiriban opportunity! But let's have one at 123.456 because the number is cool. Go tell your friends and start the page reload race ;) Whoever sends me a screenshot of that pageview number gets a sketch for free.
I'm also closing in on two thousand watchers. There may be a small gift for number 2000.
120k by Ranarh

Holiday Shopping

My brand new shop on Etsy has plenty of artworks ranging from playing-card-sized sketches to wall-filling paintings, including many pieces found in my dA gallery. All through December, there's 10% off everything! Maybe you can find something there for yourself or your loved ones for the holidays?
If prints are more your thing, browse my shops on Inprnt and Curioos; the latter even offers wearables and home improvement (from allover print shirts to pillows - some things look pretty cool on those. Who'd have thunk it.) Find the shops here:
Curioos art prints:
Inprnt print shop: Promo Code

There's a current promo code available to save 20% in my shop. Use YCAG4B to get something nice for yourself or your loved ones on

My New Etsy Shop

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 28, 2017, 10:49 AM

The Etsy Shop

I just opened my shop on Etsy! You will find originals there, as well as prints, and basically all the things I take with me on conventions, except it comes to your home. I'm still stocking up - feel free to contact my about any questions or wishes. I'd be happy to see you there!

Neuer Shop auf

Mein neuer Onlineshop auf Etsy ist ab sofort geöffnet! Das tolle an Etsy ist dass der Shop auch auf Deutsch zugänglich ist. Es gibt Orignale von Spielkartengröße bis Posterformat, Drucke, und eigentlich alles was ich auf Conventions mitnehme, außer dass es zu Euch nach Hause geliefert wird. Die Regale werden weiter gefüllt - wenn Ihr Fragen oder Wünsche habt, zögert nicht mich anzuschreiben. Ich freu' mich auf Euren Besuch!

Available on Etsy

Genius Loci

My fantasy world Genius Loci continues to grow on Starmaker's Gaze, and you can find many artworks here on dA. If you want to know more or have questions about it, drop me a note, I'm always happy to talk about it!

The repurposed playing card

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 5, 2017, 4:44 AM

Ich spreche auch Deutsch :)

Auch wenn viele meiner deutschen Freunde hervorragend Englisch sprechen, wünschen sich viele mehr meiner Inhalte auch zweisprachig zu bekommen. Es gibt daher jetzt auf Facebook und Patreon herunterladbare Inhalte (wie Anleitungen oder Schritt-für-Schritt-Beschreibungen) auch auf Deutsch statt nur auf Englisch. Für Genius Loci könnt Ihr zumindest Prosa (weil es beim schön schreiben schon einen Unterschied macht welche Sprache man benutzt) bereits in beiden Sprachen finden.

I also speak German :)

As stated above, many of my German friends have asked for my content in German as well. Therefore, on platforms such as Facebook or Patreon, I will now publish downloadable content (like tutorials) in German as well, instead of only English. Genius Loci prose snippets are already available in both languages.

Playing cards?!

I've sorted through our stack of games and found several incomplete card sets. They're useful for all kinds of things - as bookmarks, spatulas, coasters, ... the most joyful I found, though, was to use them as teeny-tiny canvases. Cover them with gesso or paint, or inks, or paper, use them as they are or sand them down. Any sketch on a playing card looks twice as arty as it would in your trusty sketchbook! And nice pieces looks even better! They come in dump sized numbers in my art blog,

Genius Loci

My fantasy world Genius Loci continues to grow on Starmaker's Gaze, and you can find many artworks here on dA. If you want to know more or have questions about it, drop me a note, I'm always happy to talk about it!

Facebook - This time for real

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 7:14 AM


Well, I'm still not too sure about the whole thing, but apparently I could do worse than make an FB page my info hub. I tried several times to get along with it, but my resolve never held. I'm trying again, and aim to collect the stuff there that I spread out over half a dozens presences including Patreon, art blog, or Genius Loci. Find me at

7-Türme-Con in Rostock

On July 15th and 16th I'll be at the Seven Towers RPG convention in Rostock. I went last year for the first time and sat at my first drawing table as an artist, and will do so again this year. I will bring some art prints and originals with me, and would be happy to meet you there!

Art prints at

I'm building a webshop into my website for prints and originals. Until I'm done, you can find art prints either here on dA, or in my newly stocked shop at Inprnt:
For originals, simply contact me any way you like, via note, email, or comment in the artwork.

Back from NordCon

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 15, 2017, 3:46 AM

The NordCon experience

Last year was my first convention appearance as an illustrator at Rostock's Seven Towers Con, then this spring I sat at Uhrwerk Verlag's HeinzCon, drawing character portraits, and decided to take the plunge and have a full-blown sales table at this year's NordCon in Hamburg. I found it a very positive experience - maybe except for the summer downpour for the exact ten minutes I needed to get my precious artworks to and from the building. I learned a lot about what people would like to see and what they thought about my artworks; and I met some people I previously only knew by name. And lived off chocolate bars for two days; which sounds like a child's dream come true, but I do long for salami now ;)

Links from NordCon

I was allowed a look into the deligthful sketchbook of Pepes-pen, who draws wonderful children's book illustrations. boldtSketches delivered one of the most technically sound game design, dramaturgy, and literature discussions I ever had. Author Mike, , was a joy to get to know as I rarely meet the authors I work with. And finally, author Matthias Teut's fantasy book series ( ) offers a glimpse into the story, and his world Erellgorh, on Amazon that I recommend.


Journal Entry: Wed May 24, 2017, 8:24 AM


Our beloved NordCon RPG convention will take place in Hamburg from 9 - 11 June. This year will be my first there as a working artist, and I'm much looking forward to it. There's still some work to do in picking prints and originals to take along (advice is welcome), and I may draw the odd character portrait as well. Hope to see you there!

Outer Colony on Kickstarter…
The space sim game Outer Colony that I've been working on for Voyager Games for the last three years has started a Kickstarter campaign. After its successful greenlighting on Steam, we're hopeful to get some more attention with this.
Outer Colony is an incredibly complex, realistic, and smart game where you build your colony on a faraway, uncharted planet, with more intricate detail than I've managed to find out since I played it first. Check it out!

Garbage and aftermath

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 20, 2017, 9:23 AM


... to the rescue" was a title of a recent blog post on, where I go on a bit about the cheap little helpers I use in painting. It occured to me, that some beginning artists may not know (or at least feel insecure about it) what stuff they can use without seeming weird; I was flipping through an art supply catalogue and was wondering about buckets and aprons being sold there at higher prices than your average hardware store. Find the full article here:…

After HeinzCon

I'm new to working at conventions, and it made me rather nervous; but I can honestly call it a good success. Although I may have to start some serious caffeine consumption next time I'm supposed to work on five hours of sleep on the third day. Still a lot to figure out; how to continue attending cons, and what to offer to customers. Find out some more in my blog…
and my Patreon (although of course there's a lot more entertainment if you join my patrons)…


Journal Entry: Mon Mar 6, 2017, 3:31 AM

HeinzCon, 10 - 12 March

Last year I had a look at Uhrwerk's RPG convention in serene Norden, this year I'll be there at a drawing table. I'm admittedly a bit nervous about it, and had to order tons more charcoal just in case. Every time you think you're presentable, something still has to be done; postcards to give away are all gone, is the kneaded eraser still good enough, will they let me in with a knife to sharpen my pencils...
If you are at HeinzCon too, make sure to say hi!

Outer Colony on Steam

Voyager Games' massive sim game is now awaiting its greenlighting on Steam, and it's already available for beta testers. I have been on board as an artist since its early development, and am quite excited to see it going so well.…
Take a look here in the company forums:

Genius Loci

No journal without a mention of Genius Loci. Development of my fantasy world is ongoing, as I have just gone over alchemy and materials (legendary metals, mythical woods, and mysterious fabrics). Unfortunately, due to a bad cold, there have been few blog entries on my worldbuilding blog Starmaker's Gaze so far this year, but new articles are coming up!
Genius Loci: Vrebin by Ranarh Genius Loci: Burrmo concept by Ranarh Genius Loci: Watching tree by Ranarh

Art news

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 18, 2016, 3:37 AM

"Curioos" art shop

I've been invited to the Curioos website, that sells wall art and nothing else. They offer a pretty impressive quality, and limited prints - I'm still working on that one, I wonder if anyone would be interested in having any. if you do, please let me know!
Find my shop here:

Rhoenoak: The Awakening published

I've been illustrating the Rhoenoak world of author John Enitsu's book trilogy for over a year. Now, the first book of the series is out on Amazon  just in time for Christmas. It's not an illustrated novel but the cover was done by me; you can find out more about the book on John's facebook page  and more art in my gallery.

Rhoenoak: Caeperus forest river by Ranarh

Genius Loci

As always, I am busy developing my fantasy world Genius Loci. You can find many artworks about its places, people, and legends here in my deviantArt gallery, and lots of writing and articles in my worldbuilding blog Starmaker's Gaze

New tutorial

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 23, 2016, 7:46 AM

Tiny Tips #30!

:The new Tiny Tip is ready. It's about how to paint shadows, which often puzzled when I started painting, and I hope it will be useful.
Tiny Tips: Into Darkness by Ranarh

Kiriban 100.000 finished

ChristinaDeath69 caught the 100.000 pageview kiriban and asked for letter-paper in return, which I just finished.

The next kiriban will probably come at 111.111, but I'm not giving it out yet. Check back here when we come near that number, and I'll let you know when the race is on!

Original Art on Patreon

A while ago I decided to switch more often between digital and traditional, and it's going well. So well, that I am now offering sketches mailed to people, as a reward for support on Patreon. Check it out if you'd like a flatrate on little originals:

Genius Loci

As always, I am busy developing my fantasy world Genius Loci. You can find many artworks about its places, people, and legends here in my deviantArt gallery, and lots of writing and articles in my worldbuilding blog Starmaker's Gaze:

I'm on Patreon

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 17, 2016, 8:29 AM


My Patreon presence is now open:
Working for clients is a lot of fun - what could be cooler than being part of building worlds. However, I am not just a painter, I am also a worldbuilder, writer, sculptor, crafter, teacher, and game-maker. Juggling all the projects on my mind is hard work, and every bit of funding would allow me much more freedom, to not only do the commercial work that pays my bills, but also pursue the creation of things that nobody asked for - but many will enjoy.

What do you get?

Any funding could make it much easier for me to work on, for example, the Elder Giants' world, develop comics like Scholastic Seal or graphic novels like A Vial of Gold, create VR games for Genius Loci, or do regular big tutorials. Among the patrons' rewards are behind-the-scenes looks at unpublished artworks and even an art flatrate!

New Tiny Tip Tutorial

Speaking of tutorials, my newest Tiny Tip is ready: "Patience" deals with the value of sticking to it. Among the patron's rewards on my Patreon page is also the right to tell me which Tiny Tip to do next!