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Yellow Forest Borderlands (repaint)

By Ranarh
"You can't help but call it forest even if it's just at ankle height; because if you loook closely, there is still everything there: underbrush, middle stage, and large single plants."
— Gaejif, traveller

A repainted version of an older image for my world Genius Loci, you can see the comparison to the original/older version on Artstation:…
I always loved the riding and packing birds, called iunas, and these even brought their chick with them; I imagined it like a mother horse with the foal following her around for a while.

Check out Genius Loci in my blog Starmaker's Gaze.
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This is extremely gorgeous!!!!  The colors just work and the scene is so breathtaking!
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Thank you so much! The yellow forest of my world Genius Loci is the most beautiful of all - like eternal autumn, and covered in blossoms. I am looking forward to painting more of it.
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I never thought orange and purple could be such a harmonious color combination.  Stunning work.
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They do fit well, don't they? Some colours combos really do make one's hair stand on end, though. For me, that's petrol greens with purple. It's easier to accept some combinations when they're flowers, though, rather than shirts or wallpapers.
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I like how the travelers in the newer version are the center of attention and focus! The mountains add the needed depth to offset the heavy weid land. The landscaping is magnificent, and looks appropriate for the altitude of the painting. I like how you use the clouds and sky to enhance the uphill motion of the travelers.
Marvelous work! :clap:
Well done! :D
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Thanks a lot! I also like the new version much better. Lately I more carefully construct compositions, and it seems to work.
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You are most welcome! :clap::D
I suffer from ill-planned compositions when I start my work. They eventually work themselves out. ;)
Keep up the fantastic work! :iconcheerplz:
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I know what you mean. I blame digital painting ;), one of the most liberating tools ever given to artists (perfectly opaque yellows, infinite layering of colours, no drying time, etc - what's not to love), but one tends to just start when there's a half-formed idea, without spending nearly enough time refining it to the point where the gold nugget becomes a proper item of skill and craft. I for one battle it with using traditional media more recently, that aren't nearly as forgiving, and help me focus.
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I am spending time learning to paint "digitally" once again. :D
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They say you never stop learning... :) I wonder if thinking about oneself as "only" learning has any effect on the quality of the work. I've noticed that I often think of my works as studies, and don't stress enough to make them the best I can.
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Don't let perfection be the enemy of fantastic! ;)
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