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Maybe This One Works

By Ranarh
There are a thousand floating cubes in the forest. If you touch the right one, you will stand in its light, and you will see your true love.

Worked on this over several days in pauses from other things, to a total time of maybe one and a half hours.

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Another beautiful fantasy realm idea.  Once that makes you think there may have been more science in its past than magic.
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I really love those settings where the past had been more advanced. Smetimes peopel seemto think we live in sucha  world, but today really is the best world we ever lived in, and that's awesome. I wonder where we will end up in the cosmic timeline once we find the first aliens; among the first, the youngest, ...? But probably as, y'know, one of a million, as usual.
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Thank you very much. I do love coming up with these tiny story bits for my sketches.
HammerinInkminer's avatar're welcome.
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I would touch. Every. Single. ONE.

Only one and a half? Hot dang. You just see a vision in your head and go for it, huh? Impressive.

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I think she probably did. Although the butterflies may have something to do with finding the right one.
Well, all these speedy ones are based on scribbles from my sketchbook (so the basic idea is usually there) and have their place between relaxing and working on some minor point like composing with this shape or light of this type, they're not serious studies. These days I often throw together one or two of those scribbles, add a bunch of screenshots from a documentary I liked for the colours or lighting and add more until I'm done. And yeah, I am a fast worker ;)
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Love the concept!

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Thanks! I thought I maybe should have made her easier to see, but I like that she's not standing out as much as if she was wearing a bright dress.
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