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Genius Loci: Red Forest

By Ranarh
"Breathing through masks for nine days, first in the yellow and then in the red forest, was very unusual to us Sawans, and many of us bordered on panic most of the time from the headdresses snugly enclosing our entire heads. But after we had seen what happened to Sfire when she tore it off, we endured it."
— Kirikim, traveller

Genius Loci has many coloured forest, the red being the most dangerous, because everything is poisonous. I was determined to also show how regular and dreamy it can look before killing everybody. I changed the sketch twice, expanded it to twice the width, and flipped and added parts of it a lot while creating this, a process that's been very useful lately.

Find out more about Genius Loci in the Genius Loci blog, Starmaker's Gaze.

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© 2017 - 2021 Ranarh
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RicaSensei's avatar
Wonderful art! =D
Ranarh's avatar
One of my first where I just went any way the image wanted me to, in order to make it succeed. It was an eye-opnenign experience.
SeekHim's avatar
I never tire of looking at your Genius Loci works and forests.
I still hope you'll one day do a Black Forest. :)
Ranarh's avatar
:) Thanks. I had a productive phase early this year for Genius Loci pieces, but right now my depot is empty and I have little time. There are enough blog articles for the next year, but none are illustrated. Sigh.
Sayurie-luna's avatar
Wow its goergious. The color, deepness, the plants and trees... Everythings is epic to my eyes. Awesome art man ! 
Ranarh's avatar
Thanks a lot! I had wanted to give up on it several times, but I think maybe sticking to it was why it came out so nicely.
I'd like to ask permission to use this piece of art for an article! I will give you full credit and link your DA account. Thank you for your time!
Ranarh's avatar
I'd have to know where you're writing, and what the article is about?
The image will be used for an arcticle for a Roleplay Group. I'm simply asking to use it for a banner, with your credit and full permission of course.
Ranarh's avatar
I sent you a note about this.
zakimiyakey's avatar
I would like to go to this forest!!
Ranarh's avatar
You'd have to wear a layered spidersilk suit and leather oversuit with bone armor pieces to protect yourself from the poisonous plantlife, and a full helmet with breathing mask and goggles. But yes, the red forest is a beautiful place that I too would like to visit.
MorJer's avatar
Love the atmosphere. Great work!
Ranarh's avatar
Thanks! It gave me some headache, until I told myself to keep working till something work finishing emerges.
Enitsu331's avatar
Your creativity is inspiring - great job with this one! :D
Ranarh's avatar
Thanks - it's indeed one of my favourites of the red forest. :nod:
angelahedderick's avatar
Don't eat! Don't breathe! Healers always sound so grumpy! Lovely job on all those off-color plants; I think you did a wonderful job controlling saturation and showing distance.
Ranarh's avatar
Thanks! Since the red forest usually grows in dry regions, I imagine there's a large water body nearby - maybe I'll visit that next?
AudreyLIe's avatar
Nice atmosphere!
Ranarh's avatar
Thank you very much!
guodaaiko's avatar
MagicHugeHeart3  Nice colors.
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