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Genius Loci: Red Forest



"Breathing through masks for nine days, first in the yellow and then in the red forest, was very unusual to us Sawans, and many of us bordered on panic most of the time from the headdresses snugly enclosing our entire heads. But after we had seen what happened to Sfire when she tore it off, we endured it."
— Kirikim, traveller

Genius Loci has many coloured forest, the red being the most dangerous, because everything is poisonous. I was determined to also show how regular and dreamy it can look before killing everybody. I changed the sketch twice, expanded it to twice the width, and flipped and added parts of it a lot while creating this, a process that's been very useful lately.

Find out more about Genius Loci in the Genius Loci blog, Starmaker's Gaze.

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Wonderful art! =D