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Genius Loci: Nightly Traveller



"When their son was rescued from the Nightly Travellers, he threw back spells like a mirror and could not be healed nor harmed; the king and queen never spoke how they broke that condition or what it was, only that it was broken."
— Nigiin, historian

The Nightly Travellers are an order from my world Genius Loci that steals children, babbles nonsense when caught, and has an uncanny understanding of travelling through the Area. This one is in the process of opening a door to there. I felt I recently made some progress in my painting technique and wanted to use it all.

An article details the Nightly Travellers at starmakersgaze.blogspot.de/201…
Find out more about Genius Loci in the Genius Loci blog, Starmaker's Gaze.
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I like the colour choices of orange, red and turqouise. She looks like she's up to no good. :evillaugh: Excellent painting!