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5 Stellar nebulae backgrounds

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I get a lot of nice comments for my space art, so I took the time for a resource package. The pack contains five large, high-res jpg files to use as backdrops for concepts and the like. I do not consider them finished artwork, and I urge you to do some work yourself on your backgrounds.

This package is licensed under the Creative Commons License Attribution-Noncommercial… . You may use, alter, and build upon these works, but not make any profits, and you must state my name (Jennifer S. Lange) or webadress ( in the credits.

For commercial use, contact me:
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You're welcome!
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Beautiful works. :)
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Thank you very much :)
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Hey there...just used one of you images in this pack here


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Thanks but for the time being, I am keeping it as a resource favorite.
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Lovely works!

I have a question. I am currently working on a personal website. If say I wanted to use one of these as a background for one of the pages, would this be acceptable? As long as I don't get paid for ad space and mention your name at the bottom of the page?

Thanks for reading. If this is acceptable I'm not sure if I'll use it just yet, but if it is and I do, I'll send you a link! :)
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Yes, that would be perfectly fine. :nod:
I'm looking forward to see the website.
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You're welcome. And thank you, I'm still not sure if I'll use any of the images, but I'll let you know if I do! :)
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You are welcome! :)
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:wow: This is a fabulous stock, dear! :love:
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And such fun to make :)
Thanks :cuddle:
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They're excellent! Thanks for the new wallpapers! :)
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You are welcome!
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That's really nice of you =) The community thanks you!
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You are welcome :)
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Hey Renarh,

Your nebula's look great! Definitely think this is something that will be useful to members of The World Builders Guild so thank you for sharing it with us.

I know there is at least 1 member who is in the process of building a stellar chart of a could of worlds some of the group are building. I'll point him in the direction of your pack :)
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Thanks for the compliment!

That sounds like a great idea, it would be very cool if this actually helps someone with a project.
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