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11 patterned brushes for Painter

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Eleven angle-sensitive pen brushes for Corel Painter 12 that are perfect for decorative use, as lace or other embellishments. Read how to install them in the contained text file.
Also, read more about using brushes, patterns, and papers in Painter in my blog

This package is licensed under the Creative Commons License Attribution-Noncommercial(…). You may use, alter, and build upon these works, but not make any profits, and you must state my name (Jennifer S. Lange) or webadress ( in the credits.
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These are really great brushes!
Will these work for all painter versions? I have 2016-2017
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I think they should work via the import legacy brushes - or whatever that function is called that imports from previous Painter versions.
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These are all wonderful! Thank you for making them! 
I wish there were more Corel brushes here I feel so "alone" using that program.
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I know exactly what you mean. It's a pity that so few people use Painter, I find its brushes wonderful, and it takes the overtly digital look out a little that's simply not desirable for everything. As far as brushes are concerned, I rarely have the need for custom ones as the onboard brushes are already so cool. But papers and patterns are piling up; and my favourite tool ever are nozzles. Maybe there's a resource pack there - what do you think?
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My apologies for not answering before I haven't answered any messages here since last December!
 I don't know of resource packs, there should be. I've found some nice brushes here in Deviant Art, but only a few as most are made for the ever almighty Photoshop, which I don't use because the program is quite complicated and extremely expensive for me.

I started my digital journey with Corel Painter Essentials 4 and then Corel Painter 12. I love Essentials 4, and will use it until Windows 7 or over and done for.
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I just got Painter 16 and like it better than 12. It's lost some brushes I like, but they are easily imported. And papers can be rotated, that's cool.
Using several programs is beneficial, though. Photoshop's tranformations are better than Painter's. Other stuff is not so nice; every time I switch brushes, they forget what settings I changed  - Painter is much, much more comfortable there (I know this can be done in PS too, but I prefer not having to click anything).
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I find Photoshop very hard to understand, so complicated, for me anyway.
Once Painter 16 lowers its price, next year or the year after I might get it if I can afford it. 
I found a number of brushes on other websites, and a software called Studio Chris Brush Manager that imports them to Painter, but it doesn't seem to work with Windows7, or maybe is just me and the "mess"I have in my computer.
I still kept the custom brushes I found but I cannot seem to import them into Painter XIII.
Sorry for the huge delay in answering, very busy with real life and other things.
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Hello, I used your image to put the brushes together on photoshop. Would it be okay if I gave them to you so you could post them for photoshop users?
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I think that should work.
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Just what I was looking for!!  You rock!!
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Great! I hope they will work well for you.
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I used pattern 1 in this piece, it was exactly what I needed at the right moment!  I just love your work!  I can't wait to see more!  Thank you for providing those!!
Sorceress by Jenny42
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Happy they helped. 
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:wave: hello i have corel painter 12 and for some odd reason i can not upload this brush. i had some truble uploading 1 other brush (it took about 1 hour) so i was wondering do you know how to upload a brush.

also wehn i go to import> brush it tells me i can not do this action.
Ranarh's avatar
Choose Import > Brush, then browse to the file, choose it, and hit ok. Choose a category, and it appears at the end of that category's list. That's all.
If that doesn't work, I honestly can't tell you what's wrong, sorry.
LupusDream's avatar
its ok i got it. and doing what you said will not allow me to upload it, i have tryed.

i have to go to OS(C:)> program> Corel> Painter 12> Brushes

even though i do this for some odd reason i can not upload yours, i see the file and see the brushes, however, when i click onto it it says the file is not there :P
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Sorry to hear you have so much trouble with brushes. It must be because the files provided are .brushvariant files that can only be imported in Painter itself.
LupusDream's avatar
:P its ok
i just dont understand why corel has to be a difficult program to upload brushes.
how do you make custom brushes in painter? i have tried before and i am just confused,  awesome work by the way.
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It's not that hard. In Painter 12, make your new brush tip, select it. In the Brush Selector bar, click the small list icon, and click Capture Dab. Then make any changes you want in the Brush Media panels (I always keep all of them on screen) and in the Brush Selector list thingy, click Save Variant. I like Painter's brush making much better because it remember the settings of the brush I have active when I capture a new dab.
will it work in painter 11?
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Similar enough: Create and select your new brush tip; in the Brush Selector click the arrow, choose Capture Dab; Ctrl+B opens the Brush selector, make any changes; then in the Tracker window that opened alongside, click the arrow, click Save Variant. All done.
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awesome and thank you!!!Love 
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You are welcome!
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