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My Bio

I work mostly in the games industry with a spoonful of book covers, and prefer the fantasy/scifi genres - because we know what the so-called real world is like already, so why not expand? Besides painting, I love creating worlds by writing tiny snippets of stories for my personal works.

Love of learning is my strongest drive in life, and in my personal work I try lots and lots of new ways of creating art, changing medium, subject, and goals frequently.

I live in northern Germany with my partner, and three cats of which only one isn't black.


Tools of the Trade
Digital Art (Painter, Photoshop), Traditional Art (Charcoal, Oils, Acrylics, Inks)
My NEW, IMPROVED art blog is now LIVE at https://jenniferslange.wordpress.com/ Remember how a few weeks ago I said I had resurrected my art blog? I did, but the poor thing floundered and fell apart like the giant warrior from Nausicaa. I found it too big a hassle to create an image-heavy blog with tech that made life really hard whenever I wanted to any graphic, and migrated to Wordpress instead. The first few articles obviously simply repeated what I had recently posted on the old blog, BUT now there are all new posts with new artworks. I am happy about comments and suggestions about other articles and look forward to seeing you on the new blog! #wordpressartist #artblog #socialmedia #digitalart #artnews #scifiart #fantasyart #traditionalart #walkthroughs #tutorials #timelapsegif
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I have resurrected my art blog, ranarh.blogspot.com after an absence since 2018. I have found that writing articles about what I do comes more naturally to me than the every-changing outlets of social media, so here we are. For now I am mixing a recap of what has happened since I left the blog and newer works, forgetting to tag the posts, adding lots and lots of pictures because I can, struggling with Blogger's ancient layouting technology, and generally having fun looking through all the things I have painted in the last few years. Feel free to visit - I think there are cookies - comment, suggest, or complain at: http://ranarh.blogspot.com/ #artblog #socialmedia #blogger #fantasyart #traditionalart #walkthroughs #tutorials
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Cats and Yellow Roses Series - now up for sale on Etsy! They were created since the beginning of 2023, painted in acrylics on various surfaces on the small format of 20×30cm (with the exception of the square one). 50% of profits will go to two local animal shelters, because the furry ones alone on the streets, or that can't find a home need all the help they can get. Therefore, feel free to spread the word! Buy them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JSLArtShop #ebay #artauction #artforsale #petportrait #summer #yellowroses #catpainting #traditionalart #charityforanimals #acrylicpainting
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Hi Ranarh. I cruised your gallery and am impressed. I am particularly attracted to your fantasy images and also your paintings featuring cats.

My name is Jeani Rector, and I am the editor of the established, award-winning magazine and ezine called The Horror Zine. We are not just horror; we are fantasy, sci-fi, surreal, mystery, and "Twilight Zone." To learn more about our magazine, please go to our About Page here: https://www.thehorrorzine.com/About.html

I would like to display some of your work in our Art Section. There is no cost and you would receive full credit. To see our Art Section, please go here: https://www.thehorrorzine.com/art.html

If you are interested, or wish to know more, please email me directly at thehorrorzine@gmail.com


Jeani Rector, Editor

Sounds great, I'll get in touch.

hi want to be friends

Awesome artwork!!! Keep being amazing! 🥳

And always know you are loved and appreciated! 💜

Wishing you all the sunshine in your future days 🌞

My prayers are with you always 🙏🏻

Wow, thanks!

Many many thanks for the llama badge in return, it means so much to me! 🖤