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Daily Deviation featured by me today! Congrats to @Ranarh !
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My Bio

I work mostly in the games industry with a spoonful of book covers, and prefer the fantasy/scifi genres - because we know what the so-called real world is like already, so why not expand? Besides painting, I love creating worlds by writing tiny snippets of stories for my personal works.

Love of learning is my strongest drive in life, and in my personal work I try lots and lots of new ways of creating art, changing medium, subject, and goals frequently.

I live in northern Germany with my partner, and three cats of which only one isn't black.


Tools of the Trade
Digital Art (Painter, Photoshop), Traditional Art (Charcoal, Oils, Acrylics, Inks)
Ink Sale on Etsy Now that Inktober is over, my shiny new drawings are waiting for a new home. Maybe you would like to get yourself one? Until Dec 1st, there's an ink sale in my Etsy shop, https://www.etsy.com/shop/JSLArtShop including previous artworks from earlier Inktobers as well as personal works in only inks or mixed media including inks. #inktober #artsale #etsyshop
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Some of my works will be shown in this exhibition in Italy (gosh, how awesome that feels - "my works have been on show in ITALY" ;)). Sadly, I can't be there, but if you're in the area, maybe fill a rainy afternoon with an art show? From the curator: CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium and Jizaino present the first edition of “Art of Freedom”, a free theme group exhibition. Differently from all our group shows, the exhibition cycle “Art of Freedom” does not have a main theme, so the artists have been chosen considering their personality and the contents. This did not exclude that the artworks on display would even be inspired to freedom, which nowadays is a value that is menaced again and that needs new attentions. Art of Freedom 29 October - 18 November 2021 CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium Corso Buenos Aires 42 11 Lavagna, Italy Opening hours: all days from 10.00 to 18.00 booking on www.ctao.eu Free entrance The exhibition curated by Abramo Tepes Montini features paintings
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Inktober 2021: The Queendom When I saw the Inktober 2021 prompt list, ideas came flowing for an IP I've been tinkering with for a bit; a world of four tribes at war, only I've had troubles binding it together with a cohesive story - I'm a worldbuilder more than a storyteller - and suddenly things became clear. So, with a tingle of fear, I present: The Queendom. The four tribes are harpies of my own design, so they're all women but that's not the point (it's not a romance story). There are the Goldseekers (powermongers currently holding the throne), the Stablings (witches out to reclaim the throne), the Skullings (dim-witted necromancers supporting the Goldseekers), and the Rocksquatters (hermit philosophers who try to stay out of it all). As a teaser, here are some of the older, previous Queendom artworks: Oh, and before I forget - I am also doing a "regular" Inktober because I liked many of my sketches, so expect that too! Special shopping conditions for newsletter subscribers!
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Hi, thank you so much for accepting the contributors invite. :hug::clap:

Hi Ranarh, This is Patty from the Digital Freeway. I just wanted to contact you and let members know I'm back on DA and have re-opened the Digital Freeway group. (It's under a different ID name now. I hope to see you at the group.:hug:

Great to hear, I'll be right over to get you some workload ;)Good to have you back!

Hi, it was so good to hear from you. I'm really happy to be back. You have added so much to your gallery since I've been off. Love all your tutorials. Also visited your website and art station . :)

I hope you found things you liked! I haven't been doing tutorials in... years. it seems more pointless today, dA changed so much and I am not a social media afficionada - don't even have a youtube channel. And I am starting to have mixed feelings about my progress, it's still so fast like when I started out doing art at all. I'm happy I progress of course, but I do wish I could look at last year's work without being embarassed...

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Hey there!! :)

Thanks a zillion for the watch!! It means a lot to me!!

Have a lovely and creative day!!

It's my pleasure; you're so productive and varied in subjects, I love it :)