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Deep Sea Reaper


.....I had interviewed the crew of section 6.

They were responsible for monitoring any and all progress made while down at the ocean floor.

It meant, simply put, sitting in front of numerous screens

and doing an ungodly amount of paper work.

One would expect that staring into a monitor all day, would result in

the periodic eye strain and the occasional mania, but I wasn't prepared for what I was about to hear.

Alongside suffering with headaches, ear infections and numerous other

ailments, one would associate with sea life. They all, identically, described

a recurring dream.

They were drowning.

Losing breath, frantically, trying to reach for a non existent ceiling in the dark of the

sea floor. They could only see the greenish blue tint of bubbles, as they they thrashed

about, unable to ascend.

And then....

They saw it.

A creature. Crustacean in nature. It had the

type of limbs that crabs would. Spider like, but encased in shelling.

It's head was hood like, wide and hallow. But filled with teeth in large circled rows.

It emitted a type of wail. While no one could say for sure what it was, they all said, it's the kind

of noise one associates with danger.

"It was like an air raid siren" One member said,

"Once you hear it, you know something bad's

going on or about to happen"

While I chalk up this event to narcosis and the isolation these people went through, I'm concerned

for another reason.

"Deep Sea Reaper"

The first time I heard it, I was so taken aback. It came out of the nowhere, during the first interview.

He was talking about the dream, and after detailing the "air raid siren" noise. He, like the others, paused.

Then said,

"It's called the Deep Sea Reaper."

Before I could respond,

"That's what it said it's name was".........


I'm very interested in horror about the ocean and thalassophobia

I'll be workin' on more

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