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KH2- Antiform

Oh man this picture was so fun to work on, and I sold this as a print at Otakon. I've been wanting to do an antiform sora for a while now (some of you may vaguely remember the silly antiform doodle I put in one of my journal entries way back when), and so I finally did it. I think I might want to make this my new ID since I've had the same one for so long. I was joking with a friend of mine and saying that this is the true opposite of my sora pic as opposed to riku, since it's final form vs. antiform xD Anyway, hope you like it
Final Form Sora: [link]
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This is so freaking awesome!
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I love the anti-form Sora. He looks so cool with the wisps and the glowing eyes.
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The destined heartless he was sopposed to be,
Nothing is real all is but an illusion,a fantasy,
a dream.
Speak from the heart,
Thy shall live,stand,and fight for thy kindom, for if thou does. His kindgom, shall present him with a true heart.
To thy bretherin who stand for thy kingdom with keyblades, ALL HAIL THE KINGDOM OF HEARTS!
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Oh man this is way cool! I love the way the black whisps and contrasts with the sharp yellow of his eyes! How long did it take you to do this and in which program? :love:
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Anti-form was pure win.
i love the way it just seems like half smoke in some areas and especially the texture of the entire thing with the glowing eyes and the shockingly good looking hair
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I always like antiform best. Say what you want about this being a bad consequence, but dammit, this guy was fast! I wish the game let you change into him willingly.
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Simple colour scheme, but effective^^
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sweet! I just bout this at the fanime con the other day ^^
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Wow!! Its so dark and awesome!
Kanji-The-Wanderer's avatar
Wow, that really good, I think I saw this at a Con I went to last year, I didn't go to Otakon though, so maybe it was just someone else with the same idea as you.

Though this one is extremely badass!
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the BEST anti form sora thus far! :love:
Strawberry-Hearts's avatar
this is so amazing looking! I really love the eyes!
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simple yet great
Endofdaysonmars's avatar
why was anti form bad again. he played pretty badass and even if he didn't use a keyblade
Ninja-Kow's avatar
Very awesome! I haven't seen any truly good pictures of Anti-form before this.
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I think there are other pieces in your gallery that deserve more favs than this. Your semi-realistic pieces, for example, are way better in my humble opinion.
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