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Happy Thanksgiving

Decided to take a break from preparing Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow to do this. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and stuff your faces like I plan plan to :)
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Awwwwwwww, happy thanksgiving Thanksgiving 2016 Turkey medium emoticon 
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Wonderfully cute...fine work...
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Hope it's ok I used this to post happy thanksgiving on my google+ page. Great image! 
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Happy Thanksgiving! Who's going to be eating lots of turkey today? :D
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Absolutely adorable
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you just got stuffed
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Turkey may be in short supply this year, due to an epidemic of bird flu that these birds are showing no resistance to.

Turkey meat substitutes should also be considered. In one of my fan-fics, an increasingly robotized earth is researching ways to have milk,wool, etc,.synthesized by robo-animals. Meat to be grown on spindles free of such inedibles as skin, bones, guts, brains, blood....

I suppose lobbyists are showing resistance to this, same as removing allergens from peanuts, grapefruit juice....
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Gotta love turkey day!!!!!!
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Hi there. I have featured this in my Thanksgiving feature box on my front page.
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Cute, stuffed turkey. :D
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that's so cute I like it, its a great representation of how stuffed people really can get on thanksgiving.
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Did you have to make him so cute? Now I'm going to feel guilty about eating turkey.
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This just makes me happy for some reason. :D
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Aw, it's so cute! Lol stuffed turkey. <3

Could I use this for a template on Pokefarm? I will give credit. C:
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Hello fellow deviantartist I am pleased to announce that you have been featured in my oddly named Thanksgiving feature: Gobble! Gobble! The link is [link] .
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Happy murder. x___x
Poor turkey.
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You've been featured! [link]
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sooooo cute! just used it to make place tags for thanksgiving with my family!
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