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Death Row

By ramy
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The devil has seduced another victim. She leads him down the red carpet to her fortress in the underworld as the rest of her victims, ravaged by time, reach out in a futile attempt to escape, or drag her down with them....


PLEASE FULL VIEW! After about 3 months of work, you can handle the brief loading time :P

Oh man let me tell you how difficult this picture was to complete. Actually, I won't because I can't even express it. Anyway, I really hope you like this work, I didn't post this for a while for fear of how people would react, this is one of my favorite pictures that I have ever completed and I didn't want to deal with people not appreciating it, but I was encouraged by a sort of.."friend" (who also suggested the title). See if you can figure out who it is. I entered this in the cgtalk challenge - [link] but I didn't win anything (the other entries were INCREDIBLE), but I am so proud of myself. Regardless though, enjoy it, you won't be seeing much like this from me, too tiring and time consuming >< I can't say I am not proud of my effort though, I hope you feel the same way. Thanks in advance for comments and favs, I love you all.

If you want to see progress:[link]

CLOSEUPS: [link]

Also, to respond to another comment, I made the guy stiff on purpose, so he would have almost a robotic feel, he is completely under her spell and has lost touch with his human side in a sense, so his motions are no longer fluid or even living :)

Oh, and by the way, yes, there are faces in the clouds :)

EDIT: Print now available :)
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J1StarProfessional Digital Artist
You can definitely see the hard work that has gone into this. Lovely (if not a little sad) concept, the details in the sea are incredible. 
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LuilurHobbyist General Artist
I love the sinister atmosphere in this picture. Great job ;)
iamkathybrown's avatar
iamkathybrownHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was the only one that thought it was Persephone and Hades?
slavetoperfection's avatar
This is incredible. I love all the details you put in the "background"
MeltedClay's avatar
MeltedClayHobbyist General Artist
Its so...stunning! *-* Its dark and creepy, but the colors and emotion are just perfect!
TheHyperactiveSquirt's avatar
TheHyperactiveSquirtHobbyist General Artist
This is srsly creepin me out...
UnDeR-d0sE's avatar
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sherlock24Student Writer
WOAH! Love that hand over there.
SunGirlProductions's avatar
SunGirlProductionsHobbyist Traditional Artist

i love how she turns to scales just where her dress starts on her back :D
ArtReborn's avatar
This is effing glorious.
Indigomaiden's avatar
Hauntingly beautiful...
foxhole7's avatar
Quite a haunting picture. Nice work. :)
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FadingAngel213Hobbyist General Artist



I love the whole idea of what is occuring & I really love the style in which you drew all the people (especially all the ones in the water).

I wish I could find the words to give you the comment you deserve, but....I'm just to stunned to come up with anything, at the moment.

All I can say is, your hard work definitely paid off. Excellent work! :clap:
the-crimsonlotus's avatar
the-crimsonlotusStudent Digital Artist
totally amazing!!
BeatBoxGirl's avatar
BeatBoxGirlStudent General Artist
:iconimshockedplz: How do you do these things!!!!????
vale4u's avatar
Amazing work!:wow:
flourpower8's avatar
They should make our lives easier by being able to add a whole gallery to our favourites. Or can we? Hmm....

Anyways, the detail is absolutely staggering, and I love the general feel I'm getting from it. Definitely, definitely favourited.
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SalemCatHobbyist Photographer
Your wonderful work has been featured in my latest journal "A Look Back" I hope you like it! :D
ThuiVi's avatar
ThuiViProfessional Digital Artist
I want to see more like this.
I remember looking at some of your oooooold work from beeyoooond.
I really like those more than the anime.
GeniusCrissa's avatar
love it the see is amazing
yosmilee's avatar
yosmileeHobbyist General Artist
best work i've seen so far. GREAT JOB!
ShinaRyun's avatar
Amazing...you capture seduction and evil so well in the Devil (the tentacle comming from the bottom of the dress is a nice touch).
The man's expression is intriguing...he almost looks like he KNOWS what she is, yet is still walking. Perhaps that is a part of her power: to let you know, but to not let you resist.

My favorite part: you made the Devil a woman. This, my friend, is far more accurate than the oppisite.
Apprivoise's avatar
God, this is just absolutely gorgeous. The dramatic lighting and atmosphere, the reaching of the hands towards the couple even though they seem so calm about it (and the tentacle from under the woman's skirt is just extremely well done.
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