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Tapetum lucidum mockup (Blender)


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Tapetum lucidum mockup (Blender)


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Destroy Wrist December 11

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Tapetum lucidum mockup (Blender)

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A to Z Episode 6

Artificial intelligence and natural stupidity “Eat a dumpster full of gonads, you fucking arse parasite!” Zekra had all four limbs on the Sciara's steering module, yanking it in different directions while cursing down a storm. Arqeez was looking at the scene only with mild worry; they were still somewhere in the depth of space, the safety belts were retracted into both of their seats and the frantic yanking on the ship's controls had no effect on the ship at all. The reason for the Serkanian's agitation were all contained on the large screen in front of ger, showing a completely differently-looking ship reacting to the steering mo

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A to Z header images (eps. 1-6)

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Scientifically accurate Jurassic Park dinosaurs


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