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The most bangable alien design

Alien bangers who want actual aliens, not colour-swapped humans.
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''I am angry. Angry about the Asari.''

-unknown indoctrinated Cerberus combatant

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Damn, man's got taste. I wouldn't go for a centaur like alien, as that would feel... kinda odd. But hey, at least it's not some chick with paint.

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Incredibly based, good work here m8~!

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2-I feel the roast towards the Asari

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The plebeian rubber forehead fan


The patrician xeno connoisseur

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The old guy is more meant as the producer going for the most vanilla design options.

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The most vanilla probably would be some type of space elf with weird skin tones like we find in older sci-fi or Star Trek. The asari would be a bit higher up than that , at least on my scale.

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Most vanilla is taking a regular human and call it an alien.

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Yup, pretty much.

It kinda reminds me of Mass Effect were the writers tried really hard to puss Liara as the main love interest and yet most fans fell in love with Garrus , a dorky raptor-bug-bird man) and Tali ,an alien girl who spends 99,9% of her time behind a body suit with 0 skin exposed.

(Not that I hate Liara, I just find these two better)

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Mass Effect and discussions with a friend about it were pretty much the inspiration for this. Turns out, interesting personalities will draw people in more than conventional prettiness and some people will actively seek out the stranger options. Though, I'm glad they did more with Liara and the Asari than just make them the creepy marketing guy's wet dreams, like actually acknowledging the effects their unusual method of reproduction has on their society.

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Well at least you got something more appropriate though I don’t do aliens.

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