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Speculative K:SI bullshit: Sker buffalo

On an island inhabitated by giant arthropods and animals that seem like vastly different phyla had been spliced together, the massive bovine seems as out of place as any of the other native fauna would be somewhere else, and one of the island's inhabitants with the lowest infection levels with MUTO symbionts. Having an amphibious lifestyle with a preference to slow-moving, swampy water full of vegetatin it also feeds on, it has wide hooves to prevent sinking in the soft mud and is often covered with the plants it tears up while moving. Additionally, the sker buffalo has a very coarse fur that faciliates the growth of algae and higher plants, turning the animal a speckled green. The alga content in its fur is so high that in one case where a sker buffalo was attacked by a skullcrawler in water, there were green clouds billowing out of the fur mixed with blood, which led to the assumption they would have a separate system of chlorophyll circulating in their bodies. The myoglobine content is closer to that of a whale rather than a water buffalo, which together with its unusually slow metabolism allows the animal to submerge for several hours, either to feed or to camouflage itself against the dangerous predators of the island. The only time sker buffalos have been observed making any rapid movements were fights among bulls, which are usually as quickly over as they have started or going on for hours in rare occasions. Cows' horns don't split up, making them more effective as weapons to defend themselves and their calves from predators. 

I decided to expand the areas to bullshit (heh) about since reading those Monarch files about the Kong: Skull Island creatures, which made my toes curl up, since a lot of the info they dumped into them makes zero sense and the one tasked with giving the creatures binominal names didn't know anything about how those work aside from "two words in Latin".
The Sker buffalo was the one I had the least beef (heh) with design-wise, so the drawing has barely any changes compared to the official design, except me making the legs thicker (albeit it's really fugly, because I don't know how to draw bovids and used the pictures in the mentioned files as reference, realizing too late that the movie version looks slightly different from the concept art used in those). You clould call it a warmup, as especially the arthropods will get beaten with the redesign hammer a lot.………………
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Ooh, cool! :) I like the subtle sexual dimorphism!
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I wouldn't call it that subtle, the horn shape is pretty distinct.
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I just mean how, if people do include sexual dimorphism in their fantasy beast designs, it's often pretty extreme, includes colours, and has no chance of overlap. "This shows they're male (or an elderly female)" is a nice change from that, especially as it means the trained eye would have an obvious advantage over the casual observer, which is so often true in real life.
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Yeeeah, looking at it from that perspective you're definitely right. I usually tend to look at real animals and this seems to be pretty normal bovid sexual dimorphism to me, maybe even a bit more extreme than what is usually seen in the larger species.
This is my version of sker buffalo. the sker buffalo ( gigantobulbalis placidus ) is a gigantic relative of the asian water buffalo ( bulbalus bulbalus ) and is the second largest mammal on skull island under kong himself. an unusual beast due to most of skull islands bestiary being reptiles dinosaurs birds amphibians invertebrates synapsids fish and small to medium sized mammals this is one of the three types of bovine on the island along with the skull island gaur and asian water buffalo. it may be possible that the sker buffalo might have been brought to the island by the god bringer civilization the same civilization that brought kongs kind and the sker buffalos smaller relatives or maybe they island hopped to skull island. if they did so they must have grown very quickly like kongs kind due to the dangers of skull island. they are titanic in size the largest bovine on earth with a whopping weight of 14 tons to 20 tons a length of 40 feet and a hight of 27 feet though some can reach 30 feet with a horn length of 15 to 20 feet but some have horns up to 25 feet. they are mostly aquatic in lifestyle often living in swamps swampland tributarys marshes estuarys lakes and ponds often feedingon the vegetation in those habitats there diet consists of lily pads watergrass waterweeds reeds berrys avocados grass grapefruit grapes moss leaves lichens and even tree bark which they scrape off with there massive horns. during most of the year the males and females have massive horns though the male have slightly larger horns but during the mating season the males horns grow extensively longer when the breeding ceremony is at large the males horns grow even longer some up to 35 feet others up to a gigantic 40 feet the length of there total body which end with they tip of the horn branching out with deer antler like appendages they develop these so the can fight in unique jousting matches often pushing with all of there strength until one backs off they keep these antler like growths for the rest of there lives after the breeding ceremony. the females dont have these and have your generic designed buffalo horns powerful and robust. so this means that the males are actually more easy to kill than females due to them being larger stronger with more vicious horns. due to there habitats they are often covered in plants torn up by its movement and like the sirenjaw sker buffalo are covered in algae protozoans slime molds and small plants as well as various parasitic invertebrates fish birds small mammals and reptiles. the algae and other growths on it often cover its whole coat of fur the consentration of these are so high that some are only found on the sker buffalo and having a symbiotic relationship with the beast. thats why the sker buffalo has developed a separate system of chlorophyll pumped up to the plants in its fur for them to survive. the sker buffalo truly is a living island.
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Skull Island's bizarre anatomies,Muto being an arthropoid vertebrates, and Godzilla survives on nothing but radiation,make Legendary MonsterVerse one hell of an exciting world.
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Shame you came a bit too late for Speculative challenge on the Skullcrawler.
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I was fully aware of it happening, but not really interested in participating, epecially considering the much better ideas the others had.
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How about one on the oversized Triceratops skull (a descended species of the genus, maybe)
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That was just a skull, not much to work with. I do only the creatures I know the appearance and behaviour of, so the comic creatures won't be done, either (not planning to buy it).
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Could I have permission to draw this creature?
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Why do you ask me, I had nothing to do with the production of Kong: Skull Island. All I do is just fanart.
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Just wanted to draw this version
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Epic Work ! :wow:

Are you gonna draw the giant tree Spiders ? :)
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Yes, those are the ones I look most forward to, along with the mire squid.
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Here's the thing about Skull Island, though - a) it's newly discovered at the time of the reports being written, b) it works with outdated concepts of science, and c) it's supposed to not make sense. The whole gist of the Monsterverse is that the world is much bigger and more deadly than we could ever fathom.
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But that doesn't mean that a) one can improve on the descriptions with "more data", b) the concepts of that time were even close to being that wonky as seen in the folders, and c) the designs can't be made more grounded while still retaining their defining features.
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Dude, trust me. As someone who's part of the kaiju community, let me tell you, redesigning kaiju to be more accurate is nothing new. However, it very, very, very rarely goes well.
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They must not be trying very hard. That, or their bar for "accuracy" is too high, though I'm inclined to suspect the former...
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