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REP: The Wormgrasses by Ramul REP: The Wormgrasses by Ramul
Wormgrasses are one of the most primitive terrestrial vermiphytes and resemble the featherleaves a lot. They are usually found in moist areas, especially beaches, river and lake banks and swamps, where their free-swimming or crawling larvae can survive. Hermaphroditism is very common among this group.

Mistleleaf: A more terrestrial type of wormgrass that is found in umbrella tree forests where it lives on the bark, though not as a parasite. It's roots are able to dissolve the host's bark and feed to a part on it, to another part it uses the symbiotic bacteria of the host as a food source by providing them assimilated nutrients in exchange.
Platestem: This species and it's relatives thrive on places where larger animals walk around, it's armored stem and protective behavior of laying down when it senses vibrations preventing it from being crushed. It's hard, sticky eggs get distributed by by the feet of passing-by animals.
Screwgrass: Though not very different from the typical wormgrasses, it rolls it's tip in a screw for better collection of sunlight, a trait it shares with the large and successful group, the helicovermiphytes, whose ancestors were probably looking very similar.
Flagger: This group is one of the most primitive vermiphytes that has a symbiotic relationship with animals to reproduce. They will wave with their colorful and often bizarrely shaped tail to attract small pneumonopteres and offer them a sticky, nutritious sap that contains tiny eggs in a not digestible shell. This way of distribution makes flaggers a very common sight in umbrella tree forests.
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inkdoodler Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
I've been looking through the gallery and I love the vermiphyte concept. I finally settled on favoriting this one.
MrJmZack Featured By Owner May 14, 2010  Professional General Artist
Xenobiology is an interest of mine: looking through your gallery, I find a lot of your designs intriguing.

... Just awesome.
Tabon Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
*liking the subtle markings on the leaf-like area*
Viergacht Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2010  Professional General Artist
These are really fascinating, I admire how you give a little, almost haiku-like description of their lifestyles and niche.
Demmmmy Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2010  Professional Filmographer
Aw, I want one.
Out of curiosity, how do you do these drawings? Is it a pencil then photoshop colours, or entirely done on paper?
Ramul Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2010
They get drawn with a black aquarel pencil and colored in GIMP.
Demmmmy Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2010  Professional Filmographer
Ah I see. Very nice.
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