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REP: The Silkrunners

Silkrunners are a clade of spiderpillars that gave up building silk traps for prey in favour of actively searching for it. This change in lifestyle resulted in larger, more acute eyes, longer head bristles, more robust legs and most remarkably, the reduction of the hindmost leg pair. Extinct species had five pairs, but among the extant ones, the fifth pair is either thin with comb-like claws and used for cleaning the hind body, or more commonly nub-shaped and useless. Silkrunners are generalists, feeding on prey significantly maller than them, which is dispatched with their toothed jaws, with the cnidocyte-covered threads being only used for defence. There are generally two types of hunting strategies being used: well-camouflaged ambush predators that slowly move over the ground or plants, and more active species.
The western silkrunner is among the latter, a widespread, nocturnal species inhabiting forests and rocky areas, where its unusual, rotating claws allow it to search for food both on the ground and trees alike. It exhibits a sexual dimorphism that is common among silkrunners, with the female's threads being green as a warning colouration, while the male has bright white threads that are well-visible in low light conditions, since the the male also used them for a mating display where the threads are being waved up and down in a specific frequency. Eggs are laid into crevices and covered under a sheet of silk.
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"acticely" Is a typo: "actively" was meant.

"being, green" is an comma error.

I like the stripes and subtle pattern.

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Thanks, fixed them.

Imaginative & again believable.