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REP: The Chimneyleaves

Chimneyleaves are sulphozoans that have adapted to the hot, mineral-rich waters emitted from hydrothermal vents, where they form green covers consisting of different species in oxygen-poor areas. They are generally small and short-lived, producing plenty of very robust spores during their lives, which are carried by ocean currents to new habitats. Additionally, they are capabel of producing large, sticky spores that are able to wander down their bodies and attach to rock surfaces close by, which allows them to quickly cover suitable substrates.

Long chimneyleaf: the largest species with relatively long stilts that allow them to raise their leaf-like main body over other chimneyleaf species.
Chimney lentil: Particularly small and the most heat-tolerant, this species colonizes surfaces that are too hot for other chimneyleaves.
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I like your rendering style. And yoru concepts are quite creative. Nice work!