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Lizard boobs

They are inflatable display structures, used to attract mates. Also, only males have them.
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I wonder if the females like to see 2 males together.

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Two males competing about who has the biggest, plumpest, most colourful airsacs? Yes, that would be a favourite show for the ladies.

I hinestly want to see to males getting all up in each other's faces and a female between them being smushed by their airsacs having a serious nose bleed.

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That female must have landed in paradise.

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detachable and re-growable :)

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Naah, removing the airsacs will just leave scars. But they can be deflated when not in use.

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Earliest known ancestor of the modern Ballchinian.

sage grouses be like 😂😂 fr though I absolutely love it

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So the simps in the back are some females that need to go bonk?

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As far as non-mammalian "breasts" go, I will also accept venom sacks.

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Those would more likely be located behind the head and/or on the neck.

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Absolutely more accurate. Less funny though :P

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Why? Head boobs are pretty funny.

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Ok, you've sold me. lol.

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Mammals: That's weird! Reptiles: That's hot! Birds: That's our idea! (Search for Sage Grouse's mating dance)

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The sage grouse was the main inspiration.

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worrying since they dont do milk

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Of course they don't - those boobs contain only air.

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Yes that is so perfect

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