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A to Z, but it's dragons

An even worser idea, since I quite liked that silly drawing. It would be about two dragons travelling the lands inhabited by all kinds of weird creatures, separated by stretches of ocean. Yes, the design of the sky whales is a reference to the orange blimp creatures from the first episode.
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Fantastic! Also this sight looks to me as if the dragons have come to eat the parasites that live on the skin of the orange animals. The giant orange animals will be expecting it.

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Quite possible, they would be a good food source. But my thought was mostly about following the same travelling route and possibly protection from larger dragons.

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Oh, I had imagined a comfortable easy trip provided by a luxury cruise ship included restaurants. Their journey looks harder than I expected.

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Well, in this version, there is no run-down ship to fly with, just their own wings.

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Oh, I thought it would be easier to hold on to an orange creature (with meals) than to flap their own wings. But their sharp talons will be frowned on by the orange creature.

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One could land on their back, but they would quickly find it irritating, yes.

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I think this is a good idea! When you’re in a world without flying machines, you make use of the flying creatures already there to travel long distances.

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Or just accompany them because you are capable of flight yourself.

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They are actually reminiscent of the ichthyosaurs. Great job!

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Heh, I was actually thinking of mosasaurs while sketching their features.

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truly amazing :la:

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If they remake Yellow Submarine, they should call you up.

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