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One that was done quicker this time, after Ep. 11 took so long. This time, Zekra pretends to be someone else again for the purpose of letting things change their owner and Arqeez gets to smash in the end. Rated M to be sure.
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When I saw the top image, I supposed that will be the amusement-park episode. And then I scrolled down, a circus? a fortune teller? ...? I want to see Zekra behaved coyly! As always ge is a real actor... Are manaikas like prehistorical earthen figures? Madame's character is charming too!

Ramul's avatar

It is a very special kind of amusement park. The logic behind making it coloured like that is because multiple species with good vision use colourful body parts in courtship.

Considering I meant it more in the "playful" and less in the "shy" way, the lingerie drawing might be a somewhat decent approximation.

Yes. I was thinking a culture's traditional statuettes that became somewhat famous collector items.

Thanks. While the personalities don't really match up and Limarians don't sound like humans anyway, I had Chrisjen Avasarala's (The Expanse) voice in my head while writing her lines.

Uchioojin's avatar

Oh, more in the "playful" or "shy", I had imagined both possibilities. And "shy" is predominant... But it was because my wishful thinking!

I took a look at "The Expanse". Then, her voice was heavy, croaky like madam's voice I'd imagined. But it is difficult for me to imagine its Limarians version.

Episode 11 was serious, even if other people's affairs, but in this episode the two have finally healed completely, and this is a pleasing episode, so I'm a bit afraid of a backlash...

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Well, who knows when ge has to put on an act again.

For Limarians, I think they would have either pretty high-pitched, melodious voices or they would sound like small talking parrots, considering their designs are based on birds and jumping spiders.

There is plenty of material to write about without them having to be on sour terms. The t-trance was just the beginning of an overarching subplot, Arqeez will get his own upgrade as well, there will be other conflicts to deal with and the connection between them can still be deepened.

Uchioojin's avatar

Yes, indeed! I think I was too hurried. Then I am looking forward to it!