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Evil always finds a way.
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Rise of a new Shadow - Chapter 20
Matthi-Nel had been saved, and with it the Infected Forest.
The surviving paladins were being held captive within the city to be tried for their crimes. The majority of them would likely make it out alive, either by having to live out their lives among the elves in the forest or by being sent off under the order to never pick up a star-adorned helmet again. The commanders would end up being executed if they were lucky, or sent to the Sarul-Ras if not. The mercenary companies were let go after the looters had been removed from their ranks and taken care of, allowed to leave the Infected Forest under the watchful eyes of its elven inhabitants.
Orell wasn't quite sure how the elves would proceed with Aurenthuria politically; on one hand, they had every reason to secede, considering official forces had attacked their capital, on the other hand, the attack was not sanctioned by the Aurenthurian parliament to his knowledge, which would lead to them either trying to win back t
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There has been some questions about the next round and I have some interest in testing some new paper, so why not. For reference and what to expect, here's the stuff from the previous round:
Description doodle requests #1 by Ramul
Description doodle requests #2 by Ramul
Description doodle requests #3 by Ramul
Description doodle requests #4 by Ramul
Description doodle requests #5 by Ramul
Description doodle requests (final) by Ramul
-I draw any organic lifeform you will describe, be it animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms or extraterrestrials, as well as landscapes. No robots, machines or cyborgs; while you might surely have some nice ideas regarding mechanics, I'm just terrible at drawing them and you would definitely get a disappointing result.
-Use only words to describe the creature. No visual references, unless you want to show me a pose you want to have it in.
-Since this is about creature design, I prefer not to draw specific characters you describe. Descriptions like 'Draw Timmy, he is a five-year-old boy with smooth brown hair, a pudgy face and wears a red raincoat' likely won't be approved. Unless you want Timmy to be turned into a tentacle alien boy, since the description didn't specify him to be human.
-No real lifeforms (ex. Draw a cat) or fanart (ex. Draw a Predator), but you can try to describe them without using the name, with vague (ex. Draw a small predatory mammal with a short face, striped coat and sharp curved claws/Draw a speckled humanoid with segmented tentacles for hair and a crab-like mouth) and absurd (ex. Draw a dog with a face like an owl/Draw a man with crab legs on his head and a vagina mouth) descriptions being preferred, so you can laugh at how far from the original the result is. The only exception for fanart I will do are descriptions from stories, where I won't mind if you copy-paste the descriptions directly into the comments.
-Keep the descriptions short. While it is important you mention everything you want to have on your creature, I prefer not to draw after page-long descriptions of every single body part with exact measurements, like you will find in scientific descriptions of new species. Also, there is no need to include the colour, since it's a b/w drawing. You can include the patterns, though.
-Aside from a creature description, you can also tell me what the creature is doing, but it's optional.
-Approved descriptions will get a number. That way you can both tell that your description was accepted, as well as find the drawing of your creature later.
-Each commenter can get up to 5 approved descriptions. If you give me more than 5 before I have approved them, I will pick the most appealing five out of them and adding any new descriptions after having five approved will be ignored.
-Don't gnaw my ears off if the resulted drawing doesn't look exactly as you envisioned. I will draw the creature anew if I fuck it up (ex. the creature was described as an eight-legged wolf but I drew one with only six legs), but it's about making something out of a description, which involves a lot of interpreting and filling in the parts that were not described.
-Instead of additional descriptions, you can also ask for closeups of body parts (like the head or an opened wing), where two closeups count as one description (e.g. you can get five descriptions, three descriptions and four closeups, two descriptions and six closeups, etc.)
-The drawings will be SFW, so no porn or violence. On the other hand, I won't do Barbie doll anatomy, either; if there's a butt shot, there will be a butthole.
-The drawings are not to be used for commercial purposes.
-Be creative! I want interesting ideas to draw, it would be pretty unfortunate if 60% of the descriptions turn out to be variations of that generic cute critter that looks like a cross between a cat, rabbit and pomeranian you see everywhere in anime.
-If you had submissions left over from the last round which didn't get approved because they exceeded the 5 images limit, feel free to submit them again. I will not scour the old journal for the leftovers, so it's for you to decide if you still want them drawn or prefer to write up new ideas.
  • Listening to: mp3 player contents
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  • Drinking: Watermelon lemonade


Sigmund Freud's spirit animal
Just your average grad student who plays with long-dead animals (NOT dinosaurs) and draws for fun.

Some things about using my crap: I'm totally fine with you posting it all across the internet, only don't claim it as your own and/or use it for commercial purposes.
I don't do commissions due to not using online money transfers, but I'm willing to trade.
Due to me refusing to give out personal information, I can't sign any contracts. Please look around for other artists to hire, there are a lot of them around here with better art skills.
Requests are friends-only.

I use scraps!

Current Residence: Where you least expect me
Favourite genre of music: Torture chamber screams
Operating System: Vista and Whackjob 8 (yes, only terrible OS being used here)
MP3 player of choice: Epigyne
Shell of choice: Epigyne, and Classic Shell on Whackjob 8, because it's the only way to make that crap work
Wallpaper of choice: Spiders. Mutos are fine, too.
Favourite cartoon character: Epigyne woman
Personal Quote: Rape, pillage, THEN burn.


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I am glad that you liked my work, thanks for the fave!
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Thanks for the fav :squee:
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Can you look at drawing of the Sixth Overlord?
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Pls draw MUTO bullshit: How many years do the male and female MUTO pls
Ramul Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018
How many years do they what.
LeaderMegatron Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Pls draw MUTO bullshit: how many years would male and female MUTO live?
Ramul Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2018
There is nothing to draw about, just writing. Lifespans of Mutos are probably very variable, depending on the amount of radiation they had to develop, whether they had to go into spore mode or not, etc. The male went from what I assume to be a mature larva to an adult in 15 years, but with the concentrated radiation he could feed on, he very likely had an accelerated development. I assume they would need at least a 100 of years to go from egg to adult, with an unknown lifespan after reaching adulthood (might be a few months, might be centuries or more). But most likely they need more time to develop and can take millions of years to do that if the conditions are especially bad (as seen in the movie, where the two had to spend a significant time dormant in spores).
Flora-Tea Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I wanted to  tell you I have admired your work from afar for a while, so I am honored you have faved one of my works :blush:
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