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Evil always finds a way.
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Hawkmoth surprise by Ramul Hawkmoth surprise :iconramul:Ramul 31 18 Description doodle requests part 2 #2 by Ramul Description doodle requests part 2 #2 :iconramul:Ramul 50 14 Description doodle requests part 2 #1 by Ramul Description doodle requests part 2 #1 :iconramul:Ramul 56 6 Sigil by Ramul Sigil :iconramul:Ramul 47 7
Rise of a new Shadow - Chapter 19 (3)
Even without Orell's secret plan of using the epicentre of the wisp's web to his advantage, the abandoned marketplace was a good choice for a duel. It was a wide, even place, the rooftops of the surrounding buildings allowing the spectators to watch comfortably while the dilapidated pillars in the marketplace itself allowed for more varied tactics in utilizing the environment during the fight.
Everyone took their place in the same silence that had befallen the procession from its beginning, elves and paladins positioning themselves on the surrounding rooftops, eyeing each other more closely than the two combatants, who headed for the middle of their improvised arena.
“So, this is how your reign comes to an end, Devil Follower. Are you ready to die?” Daren Valaer drew his sword, swinging it in a dramatic arc from his scabbard to his side.
“Do not sell your buns before you have baked them,” Orell replied, drawing his sword as well.
The two armourclad men stared at
:iconramul:Ramul 1 13
Rise of a new Shadow - Chapter 19 (2)
Despite the many casualties and the paladins' original plan having gone up in chaos, Daren Valaer was still able to regroup his men and push through the outer living and garden rings into the inner living ring.
Orell had been coordinating the Minions in the outer rings before a telepathic message from one of the mages to move behind the garden circle reached him. Unable to control the hundreds of Minions participating in the fight by himself, he resorted to put only the veterans he could trust as commanders under his direct control and giving them their own squads to lead, some Minion hordes were even ordered to follow the commands of elves without any of their master's direct or indirect input. Those Minions would have to either follow said elves into the inner city ring if they were ordered inside along with Orell, or they would stay behind and clean out the trash in the outer ring which the paladin commander hadn't gathered around himself.
One mental command directed at the squad le
:iconramul:Ramul 2 19
Rise of a new Shadow - Chapter 19 (1)
The Shadow and the Black Man
It was the day they would strike. After all those setbacks, Punarim was finally on their side again. A thick blanket of mist had enveloped the forest, a perfect cover to approach Matthi-Nel unnoticed.
While he went through the battle plans once more, Daren Valaer's lips curled into a smirk for the first time in days. Until now, the mission had been a failure for the most part. First, a streak of bad luck led to diplomacy repeatedly failing in the elven villages or several stars being lost in the Infected Forest altogether, then some overzealous idiot had destroyed the walkers, setting them back for five days – Valaer would set an example neither the paladins nor the mercenaries would forget if he found out which rat had done this.
Now, this setback came to their aid, as leading an attack on Matthi-Nel while cloaked by the white mist would make its conquest a cakewalk. If they timed the attack right, they could rush in and have the city under th
:iconramul:Ramul 4 13
Elder dragon by Ramul Elder dragon :iconramul:Ramul 80 9 Eye of Taegan by Ramul Eye of Taegan :iconramul:Ramul 52 8 Walkers by Ramul Walkers :iconramul:Ramul 59 5 Tokusentai Minions by Ramul Tokusentai Minions :iconramul:Ramul 25 3 Re-Imped by Ramul Re-Imped :iconramul:Ramul 38 8 Clematis curtains 2 by Ramul Clematis curtains 2 :iconramul:Ramul 13 0 Clematis curtains by Ramul Clematis curtains :iconramul:Ramul 13 7 REP: The Shallowstalkers by Ramul REP: The Shallowstalkers :iconramul:Ramul 43 16 REP: The Eggstrings by Ramul REP: The Eggstrings :iconramul:Ramul 43 5


Goetia Shax by Vincent-Covielloart Goetia Shax :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 263 5
Shadow's Embrace - Chapter 21 P1
Chapter 21 – Silver Sunrise
The black-feathered cassowary was the uncontested ruler of this part of the jungle, just east of the tsingy. It might be smaller than hornbeasts and grass bears, its gleaming blue neck unprotected by armour or even feathers, but it carried death itself on his clawed feet. It’d unleashed those claws on prey, predators and even the very well-armoured dwarves that’d attempted to start a settlement here years ago. In its territory? Over its dead body. More importantly, over all of theirs.
The dwarves had come, and the dwarves had left. They hadn’t been able to sustain their settlement amidst the advancing jungle, no matter how many times they used their flamethrowers against it, no matter how much grass bear blood they smeared on the trees to scare away everything else. Nocturnal predators, parasites and tropical disease had overcome them all, as had the moisture that rusted their armour and machines. In the end, they
:iconsunjinjo:Sunjinjo 2 13
Goetia Buer by Vincent-Covielloart Goetia Buer :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 243 17 Leg Day by DemonML Leg Day :icondemonml:DemonML 311 33 Get out of my garden! by anna-lakisova Get out of my garden! :iconanna-lakisova:anna-lakisova 219 30 Avatar of Growth - Magic the Gathering by 88grzes Avatar of Growth - Magic the Gathering :icon88grzes:88grzes 1,564 30 First Mission by Acrylicdreams First Mission :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 346 20 golden by dschunai golden :icondschunai:dschunai 428 17 No Use Crying Over Spilt Noodles by BJPentecost No Use Crying Over Spilt Noodles :iconbjpentecost:BJPentecost 405 73 Artifact-Clear The Deck by bayardwu Artifact-Clear The Deck :iconbayardwu:bayardwu 463 15 GoblinCon-Playmat-high by velinov GoblinCon-Playmat-high :iconvelinov:velinov 224 5 Goblin Folk. by Rodrigo-Vega Goblin Folk. :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 240 15 Sunrise by Nigreda Sunrise :iconnigreda:Nigreda 346 14 Kadrik by JonHodgson Kadrik :iconjonhodgson:JonHodgson 114 2 soar by clockbirds soar :iconclockbirds:clockbirds 1,900 37 School Project: Book Illustration by MTibbs-89 School Project: Book Illustration :iconmtibbs-89:MTibbs-89 15 7
There has been some questions about the next round and I have some interest in testing some new paper, so why not. For reference and what to expect, here's the stuff from the previous round:
Description doodle requests #1 by Ramul
Description doodle requests #2 by Ramul
Description doodle requests #3 by Ramul
Description doodle requests #4 by Ramul
Description doodle requests #5 by Ramul
Description doodle requests (final) by Ramul
-I draw any organic lifeform you will describe, be it animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms or extraterrestrials, as well as landscapes. No robots, machines or cyborgs; while you might surely have some nice ideas regarding mechanics, I'm just terrible at drawing them and you would definitely get a disappointing result.
-Use only words to describe the creature. No visual references, unless you want to show me a pose you want to have it in.
-Since this is about creature design, I prefer not to draw specific characters you describe. Descriptions like 'Draw Timmy, he is a five-year-old boy with smooth brown hair, a pudgy face and wears a red raincoat' likely won't be approved. Unless you want Timmy to be turned into a tentacle alien boy, since the description didn't specify him to be human.
-No real lifeforms (ex. Draw a cat) or fanart (ex. Draw a Predator), but you can try to describe them without using the name, with vague (ex. Draw a small predatory mammal with a short face, striped coat and sharp curved claws/Draw a speckled humanoid with segmented tentacles for hair and a crab-like mouth) and absurd (ex. Draw a dog with a face like an owl/Draw a man with crab legs on his head and a vagina mouth) descriptions being preferred, so you can laugh at how far from the original the result is. The only exception for fanart I will do are descriptions from stories, where I won't mind if you copy-paste the descriptions directly into the comments.
-Keep the descriptions short. While it is important you mention everything you want to have on your creature, I prefer not to draw after page-long descriptions of every single body part with exact measurements, like you will find in scientific descriptions of new species. Also, there is no need to include the colour, since it's a b/w drawing. You can include the patterns, though.
-Aside from a creature description, you can also tell me what the creature is doing, but it's optional.
-Approved descriptions will get a number. That way you can both tell that your description was accepted, as well as find the drawing of your creature later.
-Each commenter can get up to 5 approved descriptions. If you give me more than 5 before I have approved them, I will pick the most appealing five out of them and adding any new descriptions after having five approved will be ignored.
-Don't gnaw my ears off if the resulted drawing doesn't look exactly as you envisioned. I will draw the creature anew if I fuck it up (ex. the creature was described as an eight-legged wolf but I drew one with only six legs), but it's about making something out of a description, which involves a lot of interpreting and filling in the parts that were not described.
-Instead of additional descriptions, you can also ask for closeups of body parts (like the head or an opened wing), where two closeups count as one description (e.g. you can get five descriptions, three descriptions and four closeups, two descriptions and six closeups, etc.)
-The drawings will be SFW, so no porn or violence. On the other hand, I won't do Barbie doll anatomy, either; if there's a butt shot, there will be a butthole.
-The drawings are not to be used for commercial purposes.
-Be creative! I want interesting ideas to draw, it would be pretty unfortunate if 60% of the descriptions turn out to be variations of that generic cute critter that looks like a cross between a cat, rabbit and pomeranian you see everywhere in anime.
-If you had submissions left over from the last round which didn't get approved because they exceeded the 5 images limit, feel free to submit them again. I will not scour the old journal for the leftovers, so it's for you to decide if you still want them drawn or prefer to write up new ideas.
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Sigmund Freud's spirit animal
Just your average grad student who plays with long-dead animals (NOT dinosaurs) and draws for fun.

Some things about using my crap: I'm totally fine with you posting it all across the internet, only don't claim it as your own and/or use it for commercial purposes.
I don't do commissions due to not using online money transfers, but I'm willing to trade.
Due to me refusing to give out personal information, I can't sign any contracts. Please look around for other artists to hire, there are a lot of them around here with better art skills.
Requests are friends-only.

I use scraps!

Current Residence: Where you least expect me
Favourite genre of music: Torture chamber screams
Operating System: Vista and Whackjob 8 (yes, only terrible OS being used here)
MP3 player of choice: Epigyne
Shell of choice: Epigyne, and Classic Shell on Whackjob 8, because it's the only way to make that crap work
Wallpaper of choice: Spiders. Mutos are fine, too.
Favourite cartoon character: Epigyne woman
Personal Quote: Rape, pillage, THEN burn.


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