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A to Z Episode 15 by Ramul, literature

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A to Z Episode 15 by Ramul, literature


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Postcards from the Infected Forest 2 by Ramul, visual art

  • Nov 17, 1987
  • Germany
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My Bio

Just your average grad student who plays with long-dead animals (NOT dinosaurs) and draws for fun.

Some things about using my crap: I'm totally fine with you posting it all across the internet, only don't claim it as your own and/or use it for commercial purposes.

I don't do commissions due to not using online money transfers, but I'm willing to trade.

Due to me refusing to give out personal information, I can't sign any contracts. Please look around for other artists to hire, there are a lot of them around here with better art skills.

Due to the diretion the Monsterverse has developed into and me losing interest in it, there won't be any more Speculative Monsterverse Bullshit entries done. Please stop asking about them.

Requests are friends-only.

I use scraps!

Current Residence: Where you least expect me

Favourite genre of music: Torture chamber screams

Operating System: Vista and Whackjob 8 (yes, only terrible OS being used here)

MP3 player of choice: Epigyne

Shell of choice: Epigyne, and Classic Shell on Whackjob 8, because it's the only way to make that crap work

Wallpaper of choice: Spiders. Mutos are fine, too.

Favourite cartoon character: Epigyne woman

Personal Quote: Rape, pillage, THEN burn.

Favourite Visual Artist
Evolution and geodynamic processes
Favourite Movies
Sky captain and the world of tomorrow
Favourite TV Shows
Documentaries, Game of Thrones
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The local torture chamber
Favourite Books
The Goblin trilogy, The Witcher, ASOIAF, anything by Martinez, Burton & Swinburne series
Favourite Games
Overlard series, The Bitcher, Dorkspiders, Skrim, Dark Messiah of Goblin Punting, Disbonered, some other stuff.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Spider silk, pears, socks, mouth odor.

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So, are you an Overlord fan?

No, my icon, the roughly 200 Overlord fanart pieces, the 200000+ word fanfic still written and me being one of the fanclub admins are a pure coincidence.

Well still, I admire your art.

It was sarcasm; me and my friends are among the few fans still creating fan content for the games.

Hey there, do you have a discord or something we can use to talk. I can't access the website because of some old parental controls that my family has no idea how to turn off

Nope, as usually the chat here and on my Picarto channel is sufficient for me.

Well I am using the app. Hope this will be enough. I want to see something. An ecosystem that revoles around unique creatures I first came up with as a child. It consists of three dinosaur species, and three giant insect species. They all live in the same ecosystem, which is actually in the modern day if I remember it. They all live in secret. The dinosaurs consist of two raptor like species, and one plesiosaur like creature. The fist raptor like one is a herbivore actually, usually dining on a special breed of flower. They should be around human size and their most notable for their high speed running. They are incredibly fast. The smaller species is carnivorous. They are dog sized, and have a unique mating ritual where groups of four present a female with an offering which she will take a taste sample of each. Whichever is best, she mates with. The final dinosaur is an amphibious pleisiosaur. They crawl up on land on beaches in order to avoid aquatic predators. They can let out a sonic scream for defense. They are the largest of the dinosaurs. The first of the insects is a moth species that lives in colonies. Gigantic, with colorful wings 25 feet in length, they are omnivores but in a unique way. The males are carnivorous, and the females are herbivores. They don't have a queen. The females drink nectar from the same species of flower as those raptors from before. The males are divided into two types, the soldiers and workers. The soldiers leave nests in order to gather flowers and meat for the colony. They have a club like tongue which is how they fight. The workers tongues are harder, this is so they can mine through stone. They also serve as guards. These moths can also regrow their eyes. Their senses are heightened while regrowing. The next insect is similar to a human wasp hybrid. It may be humanoid, but it has no intelligence whatsoever. They don't live in colonies, and are natural enemies to the moths from before. The last insect is a fly like species which shares some similarities to the mothes. I didn't really give them much beyond that. Well that is everything. I know this much be too much to ask a sketch for