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The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
OH THE HORROR. well, I decided that after a few long months of inactivity with my tablet, that I'd whip it out and try and use it again to draw something fantastic. it's been sitting behind the computer monitor the entire time, gathering dust.. and I had the USB cord disconnected and put in a bin with all the rest of my USB cords. I'm not entirely sure, but I think my cat had some sort of fluid come out of her body (there is more than one possibility, mind you) and it got into my tablet, destroying it. But that's the pessimistic view on it, maybe something is just wrong with the USB cord itself. Either way, I plugged it in, and the little bl
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Well.. I haven't updated my journal since March, so I thought it would probably be a good idea to do that. xDD I haven't been drawing very much lately, something I want to fix.. I've drawn a few things traditionally, but I don't have a scanner anymore since  one of my cats ruined it, so I have to wait until I can get access to a scanner if I want to submit those. HOWEVER, I will be posting a few more pictures today, so be looking for those. (: I have nothing left to say.
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I've been inspired by a friend to do this. You request a sketch from me, and I'll draw it for you, and then you will offer 10 sketches in a journal entry. FUN FUN. :dummy: Feed my self esteem and request drawings, eh?
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I've been better, got some family stuff going on :/
And yeahh I'm banned off hi, lmao. xD
The Admins hate me there D:
heyya rams, it's nolee off hi :)
how're youu? haven't seen or talked to you in a whilee. o;
heyy! Sorry this is relatively belated, my dA visits are beginning to become few and far between, especially since the tragic death of my tablet.. haha.

I'm doing well, how about yourself? I'm also not really ever on Horseisle, either, so I don't really get to talk to people as much anymore :/

how've you been?
I has been good, schools ruff. What about you?
about the same, I'm still enjoying school though. Not on the computer as much, due to friend interests and also homework.

pretty much inactive on dA, which is kinda sad. my tablet is dusty xD
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