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She just made her fate
The queen clenched her fists in impotent gesture. She was in hands of this beautiful creature that was Nashim and he knew that. He could tell the king, do what he pleased with her son...that thought was too terrible to even think about it. Queen heard a lot of terrible things about this child who were adult. He tortured, murdered and plotted in many ways but her lord husband was amazed by his charm. Maybe it too was the job of Nashim? She fell on her knees before little kid he was and looked at him with anger mixed with begging in her eyes. "Nashim..." "Don't call me my name, Your Highness. I am Lord Rission for everyone, even for you, my
The captive
First at all, I know that old George doesn't like fanfiction. But I just had to write this, it was tormenting me with hot knives. Also, English is not my native language, so please bare with it. Hope you enjoy.... ----- The first thing that he saw was burning Winterfell. Screaming people, running horses. Fire everywhere. When he realized that it isn't happening, he opened his eyes and looked into bleak darkness. For a moment, he didn't feel his body, it was like his mind was drifting in the void, not connected to anything. He still heard the screams, still smelled the burning flesh. But after few minutes he realized that he is chained. He s
When I'm alone, I have the impression that the world is running out, that runs in front of me, do not stop even for a moment and I am staying away in the back, thinking of meaning of life, the meaning of existance When I am alone, the world loses colors and takes the color of old lace that had long since lost its luster And I see through this lace every minute of my life every moment When I'm alone, sometimes I think about you You are somewhere on the border of perception, where the eyes can not see I am almost sure that I miss, although we will talk again soon It's more than scary ... I am a strange man, without time, without the vision b
Sitting near me
Ying and Yang
I am passion on the border of perception, force that gently lifts you up Someone who will give you hand so you can keep the head I am your back during difficult times, even if you do not see it But I know that you look and perceive, giving yourself to me for my closeness You could moan and sob and I'll be light that will surrounds you, even if you are too tearful to see it We are one, ying and yang I am a rock, you're the pebble I am a storm, you're breath I am a wave, you're the drop But always together, always close I do not know if you ever find that out I do not only give pain, but sweetness too Because sweet pain is doubly appealing Y
Old kitty...again!
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Theon fucked up
I was waiting for this episode, mostly because Ramsay was about to reveal his "true self". Theon told him his regrets, almost crying (my heart was feeding on him like leech on Roose). And then...bang! He was put "where he belongs". This troll face on Ramsay was very suitable. I want to watch that again...and Theon was screaming again *orgasming ears* BTW: Boltons on second place in favorite House poll! :meow: You spoil me!
Theon gets tortured
I just watched Game of Thrones, season 3, episode 2. And I couldn't stand the feel that I am orgasming everytime Theon screamed. Wait...no...I COULD stand it and I was so happy because of that, so perv sadistically amused and thrilled that I can't watch myself in the eyes in the mirror. God, that was freaking awesome...I want Theon's screams anytime anyday.
Feature: scruffyneko
I want to introduce a new cat deviant to you :meow: Her name is scruffyneko (https://www.deviantart.com/scruffyneko) and her cats are gorgeous! She has only four cat photos in the gallery but I bet it will grow! Go, see her cats! :thumb363012871: :thumb363008183: :thumb362842396: :thumb362839945:
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