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I've got inked today and this is the highly outcome. I love it so much. Now I'm going to remind myself to be courageous, everyday and always. I have really low self-esteem and I'm way too shy. This word means a lot to me. I really hope that I'll uphold the meaning of it.

And I was really surpised that it didn't hurt that much. At least not as much as I expected it to hurt.

Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.


photo & edit: ~RAMPENLiCHT

song: glee cast - get it right
keep making a mess of things - i just wanna fix it somehow .

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Hi Rampenlicht! I have a huuge question. I want to get a tattoo like that but it says HOPE on my ring finger.. on the inside.. did your tattoo fade really fast?

thankss!! pleaase answer.
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This is beautiful. And I want the same word... and the reason is the same....
I'm not alone...
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Thank you!
And no, you're not. :iconbunnyhugplz:
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heey this is awesome :D wait this is tatto? or you just drow it?
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It's a real one. :>
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so now is this more than just awesome :D hmm i wanna tattoo too.. but my parents don't like it =(((
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Gladly I'm old enough to decide this all by myself, haha. :>
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lovely tattoo! it's a super great word in a pretty font in a nice discreet place. . .perfect combination~
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Thank you. It took me like.. forever to choose the right font, haha.
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picking fonts can be really hard. . .especially if you're a font purist.
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Oh yes. Tell me about it. :<
It took me really like forever to choose this font.
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Ah very beautiful, the tatt itself and the meaning <333 Lovely!
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You are welcome Q_Q This is very touching!
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Thanks (; _ ; )/
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I want the same one!
"Awesome" is perfect word. ^^
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awr, thank you! I'm really lad you like it. :> :heart:
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Very awesome!
Beautiful piece!!
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