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Everlasting Love
I've gone mad
From the sound of your heart
I've gone mad
From the feel of your touch
Your lovely eyes
Your loving smile
Your warm embrace
Darling, stay here by my side
'Til the edge of night
Howling in the shadows until we feel the morning's first light
Come to me, and calm your restless heart
Life eternal awaits within my arms
Death's darkness is bitter
Mine is so sweet
Cast aside the petty fears of day
Just one more kiss will take them all away
Leave your world of sunshine
Step into mine
Here beneath the starry sky above
Bloom the seeds of an everlasting love
Sown in endless sorrow
Watered by blood
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The Obelisks' Warning
Stone guardians so long asleep
Now turn their gaze in grim regard
To terrors lurking in the deep
The shattered gates of Slaughtergarde
The obelisks awake again
Like iron bells begin to toll
The valley red with blood of men
The shattered gates once more made whole
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To Carry Her Dream
“We'll be dead long before reinforcements arrive. We have to deploy the Caliburn now.”
“We can't! The pilot is dead, and we don't have time to design another Doll!”
“I'll do it.”
“I'll pilot the Caliburn. I have the qualifications, and I'm a close enough genetic match to survive stitching. I'll sacrifice everything to fulfill my sister's dream!”
I'll never forget the day I said those fateful words.
Colonial Stardate 435.11.4
Deep Space Station DX-α
8 Parsecs from Imperial Border
After weeks of hard work, the biggest project of my life was about to pay off. I was the head mechanic and foreman in the assembly of the Caliburn, the first in a new line of super-mecha. On the surface, it looked like a medieval knight in shining armour stretched to an impossible height. The folds of its seven-story-tall frame concealed some of the most advanced weapons yet devised by the United Space Colonies,
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The Shrine Maiden
It was a cold December night.  At an old shrine by a river, drummers beat an ancient rhythm.  Lanterns burned brightly, illuminating the paths between the many stalls hastily assembled around it.  Children flocked from game to game, an old priest sold protective amulets, and local artists displayed their work.  Schoolgirls trilled like songbirds.  A young couple shared an order of takoyaki.  My stomach rumbled, reminding me I hadn't eaten that day.
At the time, I was a young freeter, drifting from job to job with the seasons.  My previous employer had let me go two weeks before the festival, and my savings were running low.  Even the internet cafe where I usually slept would become too expensive before long.  Needless to say, I hadn't stopped by the festival to sample its overpriced food and souvenirs.  I had a different objective in mind.
On most nights, the shrine grounds had no cover to hide a 174-cm man with a backpack.  On mos
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Lake Panorama by rampaging-poet Lake Panorama :iconrampaging-poet:rampaging-poet 1 0 Broken Bar by rampaging-poet Broken Bar :iconrampaging-poet:rampaging-poet 0 0 Daisies by rampaging-poet Daisies :iconrampaging-poet:rampaging-poet 0 0 Tiny White Flowers by rampaging-poet Tiny White Flowers :iconrampaging-poet:rampaging-poet 1 0 Tree By The Beach by rampaging-poet Tree By The Beach :iconrampaging-poet:rampaging-poet 3 0 Wisps of Cloud by rampaging-poet Wisps of Cloud :iconrampaging-poet:rampaging-poet 1 0 Pink Flowers by rampaging-poet Pink Flowers :iconrampaging-poet:rampaging-poet 1 0 Parking Lot Shrub by rampaging-poet Parking Lot Shrub :iconrampaging-poet:rampaging-poet 0 0 Double Rainbow by rampaging-poet Double Rainbow :iconrampaging-poet:rampaging-poet 1 0
At The Beach
A quiet strand
A stretch of sand
The crows, the wind, and I
The crescent bay
The dull spring day
The gray and cloudy sky
A seagull's cry
The rising tide
A chill south-eastern breeze
A driftwood maze
The lapping waves
The call of the rushing sea
A seagull's dance
The sea's expanse
The rocks beneath my feet
Had I no cares
I'd linger there
And yet I must retreat.
My schoolwork calls
A raindrop falls
And homeward I must fly
away from this
the seashores kiss -
The crows, the wind, and I
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Berserker among fools.
Hello to all and sorry for my recent inactivity.  I've been going through some of my old photographs that were scanned in January last year, most of them taken in 2011.  I'm not even halfway through that set, and I have a folder copied this January of all my 2012 stuff I haven't looked at yet.  I should have more to submit in the coming weeks.
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