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Wonder Woman jam

After putting up the DCnU Wonder Woman drawing, I remembered that I never put this drawing that I did at a convention with :icondennisculver: online. Dennis was awesome enough to share his table with me at Big Wow and while we both anticipated being busy all weekend, we unfortunately had a lot of idle time to sit around and do stuff like this instead of making money or whatever. Either way, he's a cool guy and he inked this Wonder Woman drawing for me and I inked one that he penciled for him. He kept it a lot more simple than I figured he would and I'm pretty sure I did a lot more rendering than he figured I would so it was cool to see how they turned out. Any how, I drew her chained up because I thought it was funny.
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Wonder woman looks so frustrated as she tries to break these chains and cannot do so. The expression on her face is priceless and says it all: "Merciful Minerva! My bracelets have been chained together-and I can't pull them apart! My Amazon strength is gone!! A man must have done this! I only lose my Amazon powers when my bracelets are chained by a man!"