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Sinestro Corps

contest entry that I got demolished in. four votes still not bad though.
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Four of these guys, Sinestro, SP-Prime, Kyle-Parallax and Cyborg-Superman were put together in the series Sinestro Corps Wars as a parody of the four horsemen of the APocalypse. Didn't work out in the end because Earth saw much worse apocalypses, if you ask me.
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The strongest Team ever...
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Well.. they did get beat by the Green Lantern Corps. But sure. haha
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amazing pic love it
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coool! great job! :thumbsup:
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it's still stunning work dude. you did excellent. your opinion though. don't u think that it's weird that it's the sinestro corps even though parallax is like the main heart of the thing. they wear his symbol, yellow is the fear color. i don't know, kinda expected more outta good ol parallax
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Wow, amazing contrast to the old Rebirth cover. I'm surprised they didn't go with something like this on the official covers! Sinestro Corps has been batting .1000 so far.
DC is an odd beast, besides allowing almost all control to editors instead of writters, what they tend to promote often pales in comparison of what they don't.

Case in point the SCW event which is kicking so much booty it should be illegal.

I do have one question though:
If Kyle wasn't with the SC right now, who would be his counterpart? Nero?

And why do the Green Lantern books keep stealing Superman villains. :p
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It might be Nero I guess, since they tried to build him as Kyles Sinestro, but I thought it woulda been cooler if they intentionally drafted Major Damage to mess specifically with Kyle if he was still Ion right now.

They keep stealing Superman villains because Superman writers don't write them as well ;)
Major Damage or Major Force?

Kinda hard to use him right now after Atom sucked him dry.
But I guess it IS fitting for Cap Atom's counterpart to be killed by him.

I think Amon Sur would be better suited to be Kyle's counter part.
He has background with the Lanterns and well, he's a damn loon.

I haven't checked the death toll on GL: SCW right now, so I don't know if that can still be used.

I'm a trade waiter at heart. :)
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Dude this is awesome. The Sinestro Corps War is currently my favorite thing going in DC, and this my friend, is sensational.
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thanks, I think it's probably the best thing that DC is putting out right now too.
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What was the contest?
Was it GL related? Cause I think this pic rocks, I think such a good contrast the GL equalivant of the picture (the one which has all the human GLs arranged in the same fashion).
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