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What is it that you most struggle with in art?
btw can't wait for this new take on #SheRa ❤️
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I can't draw hands. Also She-Ra's flowing hair!! Aaah You drew it so well!!
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Really good. can never get hands right but yours look amazing
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In her drawing I could see Adora (She-Ra) as a character at least a little feminine and beautiful, and I must say more, even though she is tweaked as younger than in her current series, she Adora (She-Ra) who you drew looks more feminine than the one shown on Netflix.

Look, watching the new She-Ra, I must say that the new look, the design of Dan She-Ra and very ugly indeed, okay the old one was exaggerated, but it was better, She-Ra was a beautiful woman because strength and beauty walked together in drawings of heroes of that time (1980s). What do you think of the new She-Ra, the trace, the shadow, the colors, the history and the new desing?
History is cool. New design is great, because it carry the message they want to show about her: she is strong. Every time she appear on screen as she-ra, you can smell thoughness, and think: this one can break a tank in half, and it's not surprising.
And it make sense, considering that in this story, she has been raised inside the Horde, which does not sound like the kind of place where you can learn feminity at ALL. She was raised as a warrior, and it's only fitting she look like one.
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She certainly likes keeping her hair in check. Hahahaha!
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Never thought i'd ever see a really pissed off She-Ra
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Hands and fingers, animals, used to be noses (still a bit), hair from certain angles, muscles and clothing reactions, effective shading, colouring ... still a fair amount but otherwise I'm still good with my drawing.
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Lol love it. For me I struggle with the hands
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