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Roy Batty

By Ramonn90
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Quite an experience to live in fear isn't it?
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amazing, i love your style a bit more at every new pic i see xD
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oooohhh this is so so awesome <33 love how you nailed the expression  ^^
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All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. So many good art pieces just come and go and we scroll our social media for more, more! That's why I prefer galleries like DA and AS very often.
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Please make a portrait of Pris or Zhora
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Love your style !!!!
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"Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc."

 This is what that's referencing:

"'Art thou not Orc, who serpent-form’d; Stands at the gate of Enitharmon to devour her children?; Blasphemous Demon, Antichrist, hater of Dignities; Lover of wild rebellion, and transgressor of God’s Law; Why dost thou come to Angel’s eyes in this terrific form?’"

"The Terror answe’d: ‘I am Orc, wreath’d round the accursèd tree: The times are ended; shadows pass, the morning’ gins to break; the fiery joy, that Urizen perverted to ten commands,What night he led the starry hosts thro’ the wide wilderness,That stony Law I stamp to dust; and scatter Religion abroad; To the four winds as a torn book, and none shall gather the leaves...That pale religious lechery, seeking Virginity,May find it in a harlot, and in coarse-clad honesty;The undefil’d, tho’ ravish’d in her cradle night and morn;For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life..."


 Because Roy is demanding an extension on his lifespan, he is transgressing against the laws of his creator and god. 
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This is so cool, your portraits are amazing!
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like tears in the rain.
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Very nice tribute to Blade Runner. Knew who it was immediately!
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Blade Runner forever <3
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Omg is this braid from izombie
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Haha, too muscular neck I guess  XD
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