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Flag of the State of Romanistan

By ramones1986
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I'm really thinking of an AH scenario where a plurality of Romanis have a homeland in India, more specifically, in the Thar Desert area around the city of Jaisalmer, becoming one of the states of the country.

This flag was inspired by the OTL Romani flag; I just added a white stripe as the design itself is French tricolor-inspired, rather than its OTL counterpart, which is bicolor (blue and green).

Created and edited on both MS Paint and PhotoScape.
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You should make a map of it

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I would love to, but unfortunately I've nil skills in mapmaking. Sorry.

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State of Romanistan in India, perhaps?
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Yes, obviously.
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Independent or a part of India?
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Possibly they could have the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There was a plan in OTL where the Anglo-Indians will be resettled there, but did not come into fruition.

Possibly, you could have the Romani to settle there instead.
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The problem in the Andaman-Nicobar option is not just the size of the island chain, it's also the pressure to sustain millions of Romani who'll live there.
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