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Rising Skull

Jus a 3d pencil drawing I'm working on

2b, 5b and 7b pencil on normal A4 paper
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MIerda!, Great job bro!! :D
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Love to see that on a motorcycle tank.

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Just Amazing, and it really Looks 3 D. Keep on doing more so that the Whole World can Enjoy your Awesome Work. :handshake:
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This is awesome! i like your 3D drawings :)
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oh no! its coming :O - its amazingly awesome!!! xD
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Killer piece!!
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That is it awesome. Looks like fun.

If the sharpest/darkest lines were a little softer it would look completely real, and that would REALLY scare some people. You could leave it on a table facing a doorway, and not tell anyone, and have a camera ready to record their reactions as they walk in and see it... It'd be a nasty but interesting prank, lol. I bet if you asked them before they saw it they would say they don't believe in demons or whatever, but reactions are revealing. ;)
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This is awesome! Very nice work!
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