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Wrong hat

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sketch for PonyLife.  This is a fun series about an Applejack

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CinnamonRollz69New Deviant

Aw, i really love the eyes!

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ragman2002New Deviant

Happens to all of us

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FirePrime6New Deviant

Wow thats really good, what do you use to draw it? As in, what app.

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Whistle-BlossomNew Deviant


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ClarktoonCrossingHobbyist General Artist

Wrong hat or not, it's a surprisingly good look for AJ. It's fabulous darling, simply fabulous!

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Huh. Did she accidentally nick that from Rainbow Dash?

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FluffyrescentHobbyist Digital Artist


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Now all she needs is some wings.

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Rainbow, you sneaky filly.=P

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SanlurisHobbyist General Artist

Wrong hat, but it looks great on her! If I were more adventurous....and rode a bike I guess...I’d wear one of those.

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Hey, she looks pretty good with this hat!

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i love your style! they looks so adorable!

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DjinnMagik333New Deviant

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DingoPatagonicoHobbyist Traditional Artist

omg she loves mega cute with that one too! XD

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jasoniswhatnotNew Deviant

Can I have a request please?????

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Bloom: "Gee sis... Where have you been all night, Grany's fix'n' to be tied... and why in Equestria are ya'll wear'n' Rainbow Dash's flight cap?"

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"What happened to your hat, sis?"

"Uh... I... (thinking) How explaining to her that I was feeling like losing my identity because other ponies were wearing the same hat as me?"

"You know that trends tend to pass very quickly and that you shouldn't have changed your hat for that! Everypony know you and your stetson. Why would you change that?"

"Well, I... I got... Wait. What?"

"I learned about what happened in Sugar Cube Corner. But if you insist to wear that aviator hat..."

"Nah. I got mine right here."

"Uh... C-can you make me a favor?"

"What now?"

"Can you put that beret back and tell me poem? I would like to see that with my own eyes."

"... Uh... *sigh* Sure. Why not."

BEautiful work

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Helmie-DHobbyist General Artist

I mean... it's also brown...

AJ is an early bird so in the sleepy mornings all brown hats look the same most likely!

Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar

That's honestly a really good look for her though! XD

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IkaroozHobbyist Digital Artist

but it fits so well :O !

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rautamiekkaStudent Artist

And it has more function than her original hat :P

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