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For fun! : D  
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Legit of the best MLP pictures I've ever seen <3 
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Who could ask for better weather?
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Aw yes! I love this one sooooo much! All details & the pony interactions are so cute & sweet! The amount of detail that goes into this with the background, effects & coloring is so magical. Love Lyra & Bon Bon in here, they're super sweet & heartwarming with the moment in here <333 Melts your heart. I love the extra depth of the ponies in here too! You have the texture of their fur which is super fluffy & lovely, as you do well & I adore all the time. The coloring of the ponies with the shading is super magnificent. The natural look & the clean appeal that it gives. Ahhhh, I love how clean this looks & Bon Bon with the wavy look to her mane <333 Gosh, the light that shows on their ears is a great detail with how it affects how the shading is seen from the light. And of course the way this is done for the idea that you've done, having it very cute & the spring in a step of which Lyra has & the content nature of that. Ahhhhhhh, it makes me smile so much. The amount of beauty that I'd totally have a poster of this soooo much!! The skies are so astonishing & jaw-dropping and I love how you did it a lot! The trees & the bushes that contrast colors to also the details & OF COURSE, THE ADORABLE TWI <333333333333 One of my favorites from you!
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So realistic I love Lyra heartstrings
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Вау вау, вот это очень здорово вышло =)
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wheres starlight

She likes kites too
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Wonderful work
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Wait..... is that Bon Bon? XD Her hair style ..., heheh
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Ну що тут можно сказатi?
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This is beautiful... Great Work :)
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Aaaaah, love your style so much!
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Amazing detail!
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Сначала подумал, что это две Твайки.
Вышло, как всегда, классно.
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Блин, обожаю твои рисуночки!
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At first I thought it was Trixie and Starlight. Great artwork anyway!
Twilight is studying what effect lightning has on an unicorn.
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You are amazing.
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It does look like fun. ^^
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The coloring is really beautiful!
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