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Equestria delivery service

Equestria delivery service :D

Little pegasus carries a huge box...
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I was just thinking: She should really be gripping the box with all four of her hooves... It might be a little easier to keep hold of it. Also considering the center of mass potentially being forward with her current grip.

there is much plot in this photo

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Is this perhaps the same box containing old stuff from Twilight's old room at Canterlot?

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I love your work. All of it.
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Was sent here by :iconestories:

She sure can carry that heavy box! :)
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She has the wrong side up. This won't end well.
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Хах, очень даже))
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Derpy is so cute!:D
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She does her job well!
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This is so cute!

You got it wrong, the arrows were pointing TO her butt not away from it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Screw Amazon drones.
All I need is a good, old fashion, pegasus.
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...while you stare not exactly at the package...

Wonderful work
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Derpy's Delivery Service. ^^ I have to watch Kiki again. :)
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Oh poor Derpy tis package musst be very heavy. But this picture is awesome.
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It's a heavy load and then she crashed in front of the school, nearly fall into the lake.
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Dont click the link... (do it if you want to see memes)
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The arrows were a nice touch
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And people wonder why I like to say:

If I would go to Equestria, I would look upwards most of the time ;D
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