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Hello. You're the artist? I'm looking for a few visual artists that might be interested in a project. See, I have a full length adventure book being published that's over 125,000 words, 45 chapters and 270 pages and I'm looking for artists that can create mane styles, props, cutie marks and props. If you're interested PM me. Or if any artists out there want to contribute, please message me. Thanks!

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awww. look at her! :3
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Simply beautiful :D
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Wow... What an incredible lighting! And an adorable mare...
TheNeoStrike's avatar
I want something like this background here
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I saw this pic a while back, and it is just really so special to me. Because my dreams take place in their own world that has particular places, and they always had such a powerful presence and ambient feeling. And so when I see art like this, it's not just the lighting... But also the sense of expansion, such as having distant objects fade out in such a field of view, with it pulling around the sides. Kind of creating this idea that she's flying into a canyon or area with high ground around, and it just builds this world from one image. Which is something so neat that I wish to achieve art like that someday. Great job with this picture, I love it!
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OML how u thattt so beautiful I JUST SEE THAT AND I CLICK "WATCH"
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Don't even know who this is, but I'm giving it a favorite because it's BEAUTIFUL.
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Отличная работа, но  размер бы побольше (1920)
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Wow, this looks so good! Everything's very smooth and clean, well done :]
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Освещение - выдумал сам (рисовал как удобно короче)
Фон - контрастирует в исполнении с персонажем. Рисовано на коммишен - этим всё дело и сказано.
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Вот почан и графон мутить начал, маладца!
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It is derpy?
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Awesome image!
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Wow, this is really awesome!  Pinkie pie (wow) plz 
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You're not Derpy!!
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How much are commissions?
Pikachu want it 
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Sooo cuuuute :3 ^_^
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