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What is that thing in the background, on the bus?
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I don't think that's a bus, it looks like it's a train. It has "KO-Rail" written on it, which is name of the train and rails company in South Korea.

It looks like whole scene is taken at ruined train station. PyeongTaek is location of the scene, which have one of the largest U.S. Military base out of mainland U.S.

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The 3-rd birthday)))
HorRaw-X's avatar
idk why but background reminds me of Wal-e 😆 beautiful!
DraconicXeno515's avatar

These images are awesome, I may be looking for artwork like this at some point.  

CloudBurst618's avatar
This is so awesome. ;w;
DerpymuffinArtist's avatar
This looks really cool! I wish there was more pony art with backgrounds like this!
shtopor7's avatar
Класс!) Жаль нету версии 1920х1080(((
Helmie-D's avatar
Reminds me of a map from Ghost Recon Phantoms, it also was an underground metro AND my brother used to pwn n00bs with an AS-VAL too!
"USED TO" because they closed GRP -_-
Great work!
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SOOOO EPIC ! Thanks for this work !
Paperstain545's avatar
This reminds me of Fallout: New Vegas for... some reason...
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Do I spy a Tunneler in the background?
templar127's avatar
TheSleepyDrizzle's avatar
Look out, there is tunneler behind you!
DangerCloseArt's avatar
Huh, a VSS Vintorez rifle...I forgot those existed. A very unique choice! didn't think S.Korea used them, but who cares! 

I just noticed the creeper behind the bus xD
negasun's avatar
This is Val, not Vintorez.
DangerCloseArt's avatar
Ahhh cool! Couldn't tell since they're so similar and most of the profile is hidden by the hooves. xD
TwoHandsM93R's avatar
basicly the same weapon
ZEMER94's avatar
I love the light blue highlights
Tikeyx's avatar
soooooooooooo awesome O.O
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