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I have had several requests from my audience about using my artwork and have come across many situations where my art was use inappropriately without my consent or knowledge.

The following is a guideline on acceptable and unacceptable use of my art. This is only a short list for quick reference and may not cover every situation.

Always Acceptable (no need to ask for permission first, but please always credit where appropriate):

  • Sharing on deviantart and tumblr.
  • Personal cosplay inspired by my fanart (as long as your creations are for your personal use only and are not part of a personal or corporate business undertaking).
  • News/journalist sites and blogs
  • Avatars

Ask Permission First (and always credit):

  • Social media sites outside deviantart and tumblr. Including online galleries, role-playing blogs (except for avatar use, that is fine) and broadcast material like Youtube.
  • Requests by a third party for projects/collaborations/edits involving my art.
  • Print/online publication
  • Other personal use/projects

Not Permitted (please don't do this):

  • Claiming my work as yours. Anywhere, online and offline. This includes tracing/copying/manipulating/editing my artwork.
  • Commercial use of my work including but not limited to selling prints/publications, merchandise, subscription/premium content media, compilation CD/DVDs, book covers, etc.
  • Posting/sharing with no credit given or credit removed.
  • Hiring a third party designer to edit/manipulate my artwork.
  • Removing/cropping off my watermarks/signatures

If what you had in mind is not listed above, please don't hesitate to contact me! I can be reached through private message on tumblr, deviantart, and through my email ployramida(at)



Please note that I am not open for commission/freelance work or requests. This includes personal commissions, publications, etc. Sorry!


Contacting the Artist:

If you have any questions regarding any of my work on this site, PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL (ployramida(at) or private message me here on deviantart or tumblr.


Old Account: 

My old DA account can be found My old work pre-2012 is housed here. Please note that I no longer update this account.

Email: ployramida (at) gmail
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Just to clarify, do you consider sharing to a blog or tumblr that has ads on it to be commercial use? Some artists mind, others don't.
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ramida-r Digital Artist
I don't mind web ads so much. They are unavoidable in many circumstances and policing that would be a nightmare. Thanks for your question.