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A bit of Thrandywine for our favorite The Elvenking. We all know the king loves to drink and throw many a house party. Can't say I've jumped on the elf bandwagon until Thrandy's bling n' things swagger had me on board.

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
The Hobbit (2012 Movie) © Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema/MGM
Font © Dieter Steffmann
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HAHA! I would love that wine!
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Hey, I think I saw this label in a Thranduil/Lady Gaga cosplay music video! Great work!
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Yes indeed! The label was used on the many wine bottles in Thranduart's Thranduil/Lady Gaga music video. Thank you! :D
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sorry, I had a mistake again)) *slowpoke*
Soirema-pl's avatar
Just print and stick it to some wine ! I love this !
Drawn-Imagination's avatar
I love your use of colour! this is very well designed.
amayaangeline's avatar
Wow great idea XD
FrauleinVampyria's avatar
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Gorgeous, and so elegant !
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You should submit this to TeeFury or something! It'd make an amazing shirt!
I concur, I would wear the hell out of this t-shirt
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... >w> is it wrong if I say he looks super androgynous in this?? Don't take it the wrong way cause this is also super amazing I just wondered to myself if it sounded like an insult if I said so... =w= hmmmm
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Very beautiful!
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I wish these were on actual liquor bottles, it would be the best!
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Awesome work! This was featured on our blog: [link] :)
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These are ABSOLUTELY awesome
lilis-gallery's avatar
I'd actually love to get a tattoo of this wonderful design. A huge colourful tattoo on my back. :la:
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Awesome concept! It should be used as a wine label indeed!
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Thranduil is my favourite... he has such swag ;O

I mean, riding an Elk is just badass!!
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HE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Wine makers should put this logo on their wine bottles!
EnfantDeRiviere's avatar
HAAAA! Love the wink-wink for the year "The Hobbit" was published!
Your attention to detail is amazing, and I love how you used red shadowing in Thranduil's drapery. The gold at the top really ties it all together nicely :)
I would totally buy this as a print or a t-shirt!
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