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April 12, 2014
Legolas and Tauriel by ramida-r An absolutely stunning fan art of the Hobbit. I love the contrast between the green and the red, it is very nicely drawn. Well done
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Legolas and Tauriel

I wanted to draw some elves and vomit some colors. Thank goodness this one is finally done. Now I can start drawing me some dwarves!

P.S. I've just realized that Legolas is drinking on the job. I don't know what the alcohol policy is in Mirkwood but knowing Thranduil, I don't think it's even an issue.

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
The Hobbit (2012, 2013 Movie) © Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema/MGM
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XxSynisterxX's avatar
this is so freaking BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!
DANAVS's avatar
Oh my goodness the colors in this are fantastic. 
happyeverafter's avatar
I love this piece!
Diamondback24's avatar
*sobs with joy* its so prettyyyyy
ramida-r's avatar
HeyGods's avatar
the bffs that are also coworkers chillin'
this is awesome
ramida-r's avatar
Pretty much :) Thank you!
this looks awesome!
great picture!!
ramida-r's avatar
you're welcome!
ramida-r's avatar
ramida-r's avatar
AnotherStranger-Me's avatar
I love the colours! Great!
Rachels-Doodles's avatar
This is gorgeous! Heart 
SS4244's avatar
Clap  magnificent
kiranox's avatar
this is just so freakin beautiful 
I absolutely adore this. Just two BFFs, slacking off on the job and chilling. It's beautiful.
deathkitten333's avatar
PallygyrlDashie's avatar
i have a crush on legolas *hides face*
sharknob's avatar
nice drawing, beautiful color mood! 
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